Titans Should Cut Britt - Herm Edwards

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Brew City, Jan 31, 2013.


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    I already have such low expectations for him it wouldn't even matter if we cut him.

    Cut him/keep him, he'll have about the same stats either way.
  2. titan_fan_4ever

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    Actually, till now we don't have an F'in #1 WR...

    To me a number one has to be one of those bigger/faster/do-it-all type guys, I'm thinking Megatron, Fitz, Andre, A.J, Dez, White, etc... As you can see, there is no shortage of them either.

    Till Britt comes back to life, we won't have that. For me Wright's ceiling is a great possession receiver - ala Mason, as we've said before. From him in the small sample size, I havn't seen what makes me believe that he can be 1 of those 'do-it-all' guys I listed above... I do however really think beside a taller guy as a #2, he can be down-right deadly.

    My goodness, you know what sucks is that even as BAD as Britt's played, he is still probably our best receiver and more importantly THE only one from our group who has all the physical tools to be a true number one in this league (ala those guys listed above).

    I feel that people forget our QB this year couldn't hit Ken in stride, even with a bum knee, seemingly ever. On deep routes Lock couldn't get it far enough or accurate enough to the outside shoulder. On short routes, he was darting them all over the place not named 'on target.'

    Let me remind you again that when Kenny balled, he made BOTH VY and KC look like great QBs in this league... N dont get it wrong, they BOTH suck...


    If he was getting arrested as you guys said, or not 'working his bum off' last offseason to get back, then yeah i'd be all for dumping him. But he really does seem to be maturing, at least for now, so i don't see any reason to let him go....

    Oh yeah its not like we are paying him that much either. Also, from what I've seen and read, he has got a strong presence in the locker room and is very much liked. Don't underestimate that either, we look dead enough on the sidelines as is.

    I saw someone bring up his statistics by the year. If you look at the game logs of his 2nd and 3rd years, when he wasn't injured he produced top level numbers AND I MEAN TOP LEVEL. That's with Fish's run first and conservative O and again a crappy QB...

    To Herm, get me an A.J. or get me a Megatron, then you can have Britt all you want! But, until then don't take away the one guy who gives us (or def at least me) hope that we have someone on roster who can be a true #1...
  3. SawdustMan

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    We'd definitely need to franchise him if he has a great season in 2013. I just don't see how you can pay the guy big money after one great year given his legal and injury history.

    I think Herm has a very valid point in that it might be best for Kenny if we cut him. Maybe it would finally make him realize he's not invincible and do him some good.

    That said, I agree that keeping him around for at least this year is probably the best option for the Titans. But if he gets in any, and I mean ANY, other trouble we should cut him without hesitation. Regardless of how well he may be performing. You simply can't keep putting up with all these incidents, no matter how "minor".
  4. Scarecrow

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    im sorry, bit if you hold a roster spot and were a first round pick, if you dont put up yards and get in trouble with the law you are holding this team back. take the baby blue sunglasses off.
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  5. TheSureThing

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    he sucks so who cares at this point. The real tragedy was his knee injury that took away an immense talent from us.

    We should try and get Boldin this offseason
  6. griff33daddy

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    we need to trade him and cook to someone in a packaged deal
  7. steverife

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    He looked good towards the end of the year. He was confident and he was going to get the ball instead of letting it come to him.

    I think he is going to beast it next season.
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  8. Kaeotik

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    I don't understand. Why would you assume Kenny's knee couldn't be fully recovered by the start of the season? Or do you expect every player that blows a knee out to make an incredibly fast recovery like Adrian Peterson?
  9. GTFO my pancakz

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    NONONONONO... He is currently on our team and hasn't really had any issues besides the stabbing which looks like he had nothing to do with. So you play out his contract year which is usually a player's best years because they want to get paid. If he's worth it next year you either franchise or sign him to a long term deal. Now Cook we will franchise this year because we already have too many holes and if he wants to go next year let him go. This at least gives us time to analyze the position more and fit in talent or hope that Thompson develops into somewhat of a threat.

    I think that Palmer's offense was to complicated for our receiving core. I wish we could do an offense besides Heimerdinger's but it was easy for our offense to understand. Remember when we ran that offense in 2010. We were ranked the number one scoring offense until Vince went down against the Chargers. Our main focus right now should be fixing our offensive line and not dismantling the rest of our offense when Jake has his most important year ahead of him. Cutting and trading our weapons is the last thing we need to do and the main thing our FO needs to do is give this team some consistency.
  10. TheSureThing

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    I mean if you're playing I assume you're "back"...He was terrible when he was on the field. Just like its possible what Adrian Peterson did, the opposite end of the spectrum is even more possible. Where the player never gets back to form because of the injury..

    Herm Edwards saying this is like him saying the same thing about Damian Williams...No one cares.
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