Titans Second-Round Draft Pick (#52): North Carolina LB Zach Brown

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. BNails21

    BNails21 Starter

    That's what I was thinking. May turn out to be a big asset.

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  2. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    Queeferdog, go worship the talking heads. Did you watch a single UNC game?
  3. BNails21

    BNails21 Starter

    Enough Said!

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  4. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever

    All the North Carolina Players have the same issues lack of desire and no motor.

    And looking at what happen in North Carolina I don't blame him or coples.I'm sure our coaches talk with him before the draft and will coach him for the future.He Has the tools to be special.
  5. titantrusince82

    titantrusince82 I'm down with the Titans for better or worse

    20 percent of the UNC football team was on the take from scumbag agents anyway. Brown will get some good mentoring from spoon.
  6. Keeferdog

    Keeferdog Starter

    Haven't heard that one since high school....seems like I was pretty spot on wiyh my assessment of you. Yes, I watched many of their games. I knew we might be interested in him.
  7. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    This might be a worse pick than Chris Henry.

    We drafted a turd and spinning him into a guy who can cover TE's doesn't cut it.

    Devon Still and Konz were available.:suspect:
  8. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor

    at least hes not undersized .... nevermind
  9. Stan

    Stan Infinite

    Jerry Gray comes across as a BEAST in this video. Like him a lot, Brown not so much though.
  10. Alzarius

    Alzarius Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    We have struggled with TE's.

    Next season, we play the following. I looked up the top ranked TE's in the league, most had the same list.

    New England who has Gronkowski, who had a 17 TD's this season lol.

    San diego who has Gates, probably best TE in the league last season

    Lions has Pettigrew, ranked 9 by most lists I saw.

    Jags, who suck, but also has a TE that got 10 TD's last season, we play them twice

    Packers, who has Finley who was also ranked a top 10 TE.

    Theres also the Colts. Rookie QB, Luck, and his buddy TE that hes been throwing to for a while and already has chemistry with. You can assume that Luck will be throwing to him a lot, and thats 2 more games.

    Thats 6 games (8 if you want to count the colts), where we play teams who can hurt us where we have a weakness. thats worth a 2nd round pick if the guy works out. Of course if he doesnt, then everyone can hate on the pic and say they told everyone so.

    However i cant be mad about this pick yet.
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