Titans @ Seahawks Game Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Scarecrow

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    I saw on two instances of him not being aggressive.

    First one I noticed
    Moves out of the way for our DB to try and tackle the guy from behind. DB ends up making the tackle.

    Second, and this could just be my eyes
    Wiffs after a big Wilson run.
  2. JMUTitan

    JMUTitan Starter

    I thought that Kendall and Locker really hit it off on the final drive that led to the field goal. I also liked the amount of plays we had with an empty backfield while Locker was out there. Shows that we really are transitioning to a pass oriented team... Plus it gives Chris "Banana Hands" Johnson less chances to drop wide open passes out in the flats.
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  3. ImATitan

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    -- Hasselbeck looked bad for sure, that 2nd INT was just awful, wow. The 1st INT was bad luck.

    -- Locker looked quite decent, nice connections with KW. Receivers dropped a ton of passes, I think I only saw one incompletion that was inaccurate (in the endzone). I'd say Locker won the battle today.

    --Surprised to see so much CJ criticism. I thought his initial burst looked faster, his cuts quicker etc. He still can't catch, but we already knew that.

    -- Ringer runs hard and I love Harper's size. Reynaud certainly made a good impression!

    -- KW was best, Nate was there & Cook nice also. Nice to see Mariani come up with some big grabs. Was hoping to see more of Thompson; Stevens has brick hands. Hawkins & D-Will were quite disappointing.

    --OL was a huge concern, especially with CJ in the game; that's why I don't blame CJ; it looked like last year where he was constantly getting hit at the LOS. Our 2nd unit OL looked better.

    --DL again was a huge concern, especially the first teamers. No pressure on the QB and getting blown up at the line for big runs. DL & OL looked like last year's units. Klug is a baller, had a nice sack. Happy to see Clayton get a sack too. Shaun Smith played in the 4th Q, shows you where he's at on the depth chart right now. Shocked & Disappointed Marks started. I wanted to see more of Mike Martin.

    --Mccarthy is a PLAYER, was our best on the field. Zach Brown made a helluva tackle himself. The LB group should be alright.

    --Didn't have much of an impression on the corners. Campbell had good coverage on that Edwards TD.

    --Safety wise it was nice to see RoJo hitting hard!

    That's about it for my impressions. I hope Locker has the edge in the QB race after this game, and we must see improvement from the DL & OL.
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  4. terapinfly

    terapinfly Baby, won't you carry me

    I was kind of disappointed in our starters tonight. Hopefully they got all their jitters out and are ready to play next time
  5. Titans Insider

    Titans Insider Titans News

    SEATTLE It didn’t look good from the beginning, and it certainly didn’t end well. Matt Hasselbeck’s first pass of the night against the Seahawks was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

    The pass went off Nate Washington’s fingertips. Also in the vicinity was rookie receiver Kendall Wright. Something wasn’t right there.

    Coach Mike Munchak acknowledged things got little “congested” in the area the ball was thrown, and said the receivers’ timing was disrupted because of Seattle’s press coverage.

    Without blaming either player, Hasselbeck admitted it was ugly.

    “Yeah, that’s not a good thing,” Hasselbeck said. “Passing game 101 you never want that. But we had a chance to complete the ball, and we didn’t. We need to be sharper, the first play of the game you never want to be an interception, never mind a turnover and a touchdown. But yeah it happened, and it was disappointing.”

    Source: Titans Insider
  6. BCTitans

    BCTitans Rookie

    I'm just glad we didn't come in to this game all jacked up like the Seahawks did. They came in and played pretty darn well....and might feel like they don't have anything they can improve upon. I'd be more disappointed in our team if they had come out and were playing with as much emotion of Seattle was...it's preseason, save all that emotion for the regular season, and make the improvements that need to be made in the preseason.

    Kendall Wright is exactly what we needed. We'd have quite the passing attacked if Britt was healthy (and could stay out of trouble). The most glaring issue that we have is the Center position...which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone with half a brain. We should have addressed that issue if nothing else in the offseason.
  7. Smash

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    Would be nice if our 'backs and receivers could catch the ball.

    Ríght now those 2 groups of the Colts makes Luck look like all pro.
  8. TitansWrath

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    I agree with what most are saying.

    CJ didn't look good, but who would behind that crap offensive line? He's got to be better at catching the ball than that though, or its Ringer time.

    Kendall had a nice debeut, and he and Locker seem to be on the same page.

    Cook played pretty well. Looks like he may actually step up and be a force this season.

    Locker is this teams QB. Anyone who says anything else is crazy. Even my wife said so.

    The D-line looks potentially promising in pressure... they SUCKED against the run though in the first half.

    The linebackers looked great. Brown showed some things, and McCarthy was a stud.

    All I really noticed in the Secondary was Johnson laying the wood to people, which I liked.
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  9. Titaneers

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    okay... so everyone has a different opinion on defense and offense and how it's going to adjust or how it shouldnt...
    but everyone agrees on one thing that needs to be changed... the refs... these guys are absolutely horrible and will change the games around...
  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Did Mooney or Quin start FB? I can't remember....
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