Titans say adios to Michael Preston (back on PS)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Oct 16, 2013.

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    77 of Nate's yards in the Jets game came from that Fitz pass though... and let me be clear like I was when he threw that pass - that was a horrible pass. I don't care if it was a TD. That was a classic KFC pass. Way shorter than it needed to be, but I guess that's his range.
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    They should feature Britt this game to make him look attractive to WR hungry teams.

    I hope wherever Preston ends up he gets a chance to play...he deserves it
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    If you want him to look attractive to other teams it is probably best that we do not feature him.
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    lets be real here. if britt explodes this week, do you think well trade him. I don't know, thinking about it. im saying if he has like 170 plus yards and 2 tds. or do we keep him and let him prove himself all year help us out in playoffs then let him go wherever next year. no matter what I want him gone at years end, seems like the prototypical player whod take the money and shut it down. we are a better team by far with a good britt than without, as been said by many posters here. now if he has a decent game, like 50-80 yards maybe a td then I say trade him cuz d will can get us those numbers. im saying if he has a huge game, would you trade him or see if he keeps that up.
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    Preston was a bum. Hunter has the same size, with more speed and better hands. We're scary thin at linebacker too.

    The worst part of this is that it's tougher to see a trade for Britt now. That would leave us with only 4 active WRs, with Walters and Mariani still on IR Recall.
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    We will get more use out of Diles than we ever did out of Preston. Diles is also a good ST player where Preston was avg at best. He has potential, but at some point the potential needs to translate.

    As far as folks saying cut britt instead, that would be silly. If we cut him, we can't get any compensatory for him. If he stays on, he is either traded or we get an extra pick next year for letting him walk.
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    still would have cut britt instead, compensatory pick or not.
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    I liked Preston as a player but he was a luxury to keep around. Don't forget we have Walter waiting on IR ready to come back when he's ready. We're pretty stacked at WR.

    Also, is it me, or do you guys think we may be going MLB really early in the draft this next year? I don't think they believe that Foku is the long term answer there and McCarthy just can't stay on the field. Just thinking out loud.
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    I think Walters is eligible to come off of IR (is it at week 6). Maybe that's coming?

    edit: I see the post above me just said the same thing. sorry for duplication
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    lol @ people suggesting Preston > Britt.

    Wow... fandom sure is fickle and possibly the most illogical form of bias on Earth.