Titans said no to T.O., but Seahawks didn’t

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    SEATTLE A year ago, Titans Coach Mike Munchak created a bit of a buzz in Nashville when he didn’t completely rule out exploring the possibility of looking into receiver Terrell Owens.

    Some fans got excited, expecting the Titans to work him out at least. In reality, the Titans never really considered it. Munchak was just being politically correct when he chose not to quash the idea publicly.

    “No,’’ Munchak said this week when asked if it was ever a serious consideration. “We looked at every position and we are happy with our draft pick in Kendall Wright and the young players. Kenny Britt is getting healthy and we feel comfortable with what we have here.”

    The Seahawks signed Owens this week. He’s expected to be in uniform on Saturday night against the Titans. If he’s a big hit — and he reportedly ran well during his workout– the Seahawks will look smart. Munchak said the Titans have no regrets.

    “I think we are happy with what we have,’’ Munchak said. “I think with drafting Kendall Wright as our first round draft pick to what we had last year when the season ended with guys that have played as good as they played since they’ve been here. I think we are happy with the direction our receivers are going. And yeah the first round into it, and the fact that Kenny Britt didn’t play last year either, so having him back at some point is going to even add more to what we have.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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