Rumor Titans rumors re: Munchak, CJ, Cutler

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  1. V-MAN

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    Love it.. Except the Cutler BS..... Realistically it would be a stupid move. Especially if you're going to hire a new head coach. Why not wait until the new coach... New system is in place. Then move on a QB that may fit the system.

    But its just rumors.
  2. HeadOnASwivel

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    Personally I'd like the new head coach to be a great QB evaluator and give him all the leeway needed to either keep Locker or sign Cutler or give him the keys needed to draft whichever QB is best.

    I don't know who that coach is honestly, but the guy that comes to mind is David Cutcliffe. I'm just unsure if he's NFL head coaching material.
  3. corymiller

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    Restructure what? If we cut him, he win have a contract to restructure. I agree that I don't think he truly wants to be here.
  4. Finnegan2win

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    No.. GOD NO. Can we stop with these people that already have ties to TN? I'm sick of this cycle of clowns we keep bringing here just because they are familiar. Cutcliffe is not an NFL head coach, much less an NFL offensive coordinator.

    No. NO NO NO NO.
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  5. Renfro95

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    I have been a Locker supporter from day 1 and would love for him to get another shot and run with it for the next 10 years, but you CANNOT pick up the option. And if we plan to sign a Cutler, then Jake might have to sit a while for his next opportunity here or elsewhere down the road for that matter.
  6. SawdustMan

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    lol what's to "fall in love with"? I get that he's still pretty damn fast but he's just not anything special these days. He's not a complete back. And he has one of the more ridiculous contracts in the league.

    Nobody is trading for him. That's just the reality of the situation. We probably could have traded him in previous seasons. But in typical Titan fashion we sat there twiddling our thumbs and let the opportunity pass us by.
  7. Renfro95

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    Not disagreeing with you as I dont know how he would translate in NFL, but he just won 10 FOOTBALL games at DUKE. I wouldnt put anything past him. Not saying its a move we should make, but he is far from some clown. I would definitely take him to coach QBs at any level,not that he is leaving a head coaching position to coach QBs in the NFL.
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    It's amazing what playing Peyton Manning does for the Titan's profile this week. This team rarely gets a mention and any other week, these rumors wouldn't make it on to Twitter, much less the NFL network.

    Locker isn't going anywhere in 2014 - under contract, no trade value. CJ being cut has been a foregone conclusion since the back loaded contract was signed. Cutler is most likely to get franchised in Chicago.

    Munchak getting fired before the end of the season? Why not if they are going to let him go at the end of the season? Just like Houston, they really just want to clear the decks to get a jump on the search. Would be the first smart move by the Titans in quite some time.
  9. Laserjock

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    I think if Munch cannot get wins against upcoming Houston and Jags he is gone.
  10. corymiller

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    GM has already said they're not inclined to Franchise Cutler.

    Can you blame them? No one wants that $20M+ cap hit.
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