Titans Release Statement on McNair Hearing

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    SUMMARY: The following statement was released by Titans Executive Vice President and General Counsel Steve Underwood: "Both sides presented their respective positions to John Feerick, the arbitrator, during the day today in nearly eight hours of testimony. We feel confident Mr. Feerick has a complete understanding of the relevant issues in the case and the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. We understand a decision is likely within the next two weeks. We will not issue any further comment on the issue until a decision has been rendered." Feerick said he would rule by June 1 on the case.

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    ...of just b*tch*n
  4. wplatham

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    And the arbitrator was thinking, "Is he STILL talking?!!"
  5. Gunny

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    I woulda thought it would be something like this:

    Arbitor - "Steve, what's the problem?"

    Steve - "Titans wouldnt let me in, they sent me home"

    Arbitor -"Floyd, why did you do this?"

    Floyd - "I'll tell you, if you're willing to trade your 4th round pick in the 2007 draft"

    8 hours later....

    Arbiter - "Ok, so I'll trade you the 4th and 7th round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, three home cooked apple pies from my wife, four fern trees and a toothpick for the McNair story and a map of the world".

    Floyd - "Deal"

    Arbiter - "So why wouldn't you let Steve in"

    Floyd - "Didn't want him to get injured"
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