Titans ready for substitution limitations

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG][​IMG] NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans could have trouble rolling their defensive linemen through the lineup the way they like on Monday night against the Colts, but they won't be surprised if they aren't always able to get the personnel they want in on the field.

    Indianapolis relishes controlling who's on the field for the defense with the way they employee their no-huddle offense. If the Colts change personnel, the defense can match. But if they've got a matchup they like, they can keep it going for a while, so long as they aren't stopping the clock. Otherwise, if a defense tries to run fresh players onto the field or shift personnel, Peyton Manning will hurry the snap and draw a penalty.

    "We got Green Bay with 12 men on the field the other day. It was a touchdown, so it negated it," he said, building up to a punchline. "I kind of wanted to take the penalty. I kind of like it when they have 12 or 13 on the field. But I thought it was fair to Dominic [Rhodes] to give him the touchdown."

    So, while it may not be their preference, the Titans will be ready for their base package to face the Colts' three-wide receiver set or their nickel package to be on the field against a two tight-end look.

    "They can get you stuck, yeah," Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said. "And he typically tries to do it on either end of the field, where you've got to travel more distance."

    Nickelback Vincent Fuller, who will line up on Reggie Wayne in the slot when possible, and middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch, will be the Titans affected most by the limitations.

    "I could be out there 80 percent of the time or I could be out there 15 percent of the time, just on third down," Fuller said. "Chances are it's only going to be me and the Mike able to substitute. We usually substitute D-line if they convert on a third down or something like that, but the Colts won't let you do that. In between the 30s, the substitutions are one for one. Outside of that, if you're in there, you're in there."

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    If the Fans are loud enough the No huddle crap wont last long.
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