Titans putting extra pressure on Dorsey

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The crowd at LP Field is a little drowsy as they've watched a quick but largely uneventful first half. The Titans haven't been very flashy, but they'll take methodical any time they have a choice.

    The crowd has perked up a little at halftime as contestants are trying to throw footballs through a giant tire at midfield.

    It's 14-6 at the half and certainly feels as if the home team has taken control.

    My biggest impression: The Titans are clearly comfortable allowing their defensive backs to cover without a lot of help. Tennessee has brought additional rushers at quarterback Ken Dorsey as much as I've seen this season. (That's especially encouraging when you consider both Cortland Finnegan and Nick Harper were limited by leg injuries this week).

    Tennessee's pass rush has been effective as the third-string quarterback forced into action by injuries to the team's two primary quarterbacks hasn't had time to establish any sort of real rhythm. He's 8-for-16 for 61 yards.

    Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, too, has faced a pretty consistent rush, but the Titans' ability to run the ball and use play action has helped neutralize it. He is 9-for-16 for 127 with a pick and a TD on a great fourth-down call.

Thread Status:
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