Titans preparing to go without Britt, but won’t release him

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    [float][​IMG][/float] Titans coach Mike Munchak addressed the status of wide receiver Kenny Britt on Friday as the Titans reported for training camp.

    Munchak said that the team is preparing to start the season without Britt, something that seems like a sound course of action since Britt is facing a possible suspension for his recent DUI arrest and because he’s coming off of three knee surgeries since he last played in an NFL game. That arrest was the eighth of Britt’s NFL career, with three of them coming during the lockout and he avoided league discipline last season as a result.

    He probably won’t be so lucky this time, although he won’t be facing any discipline from the team at the moment. Munchak said that the team would let the league handle the disciplinary side of things and that there was no thought about making a statement by releasing him as the Lions did with cornerback Aaron Berry after two offseason arrests.

    “For us to do a knee-jerk reaction — in any case, not just Kenny — would be wrong by us or by me,” Munchak said, via David Boclair of the Nashville City Press. “At some point the right thing will be done by the league and by us if it needs to be done.”

    Britt’s talent will keep him from facing the ax in Tennessee right now, but it won’t save him forever. The Titans should hope that a suspension from the league turns the light on for Britt before it is too late for him to help himself or the team.

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  2. Tennessy XO


    Finally get an elite, well could be, and he can't stay out of jail or injury free.
  3. Alex1939

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    Sounds like the best move. Prepare like he isn't on the team. Anything he does is a bonus.
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    Typical Titans luck.
  6. Gunny

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    It's amazing since he had no character concerns coming out of college (or known character concerns).
  7. Scarecrow

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    He is lucky he has not gotten into any legal trouble. His running from the cops thing could have been a big deal. I still do not know how he got away with that.
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    You know, it really is amazing that this team is never terrible when you consider our track record with first rounders.

    Pac Man
    Vince Young
    Morgan (thus far)
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    The thing with that is we draft well enough to get by. Jones was a great corner, he just ran himself out of town. Vince won some great games for us, Britt has also won us some games, and Griff was one of the better safeties in the league for a few years. Fat Al had a huge year for us, but injury issues all throughout his time here. Woolfolk was a waste. We just do not have guys that stay great it seems.

    I mean the only one that has really lived up to his pick was Bulluck and maybe Kearse. The rest have all had baggage or have not had the chance yet. (Locker and Wright)
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    Months after Tennessee Titans wide receiverKenny Britt made headlines with a tumultuous 2011 offseason marred by several arrests during the lockout coach Mike Munchak declined to discipline the receiver, opting instead to provide him with a clean slate. Britt avoided a suspension from the NFL but not before receiving a stern warning from commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Britt may have run out of chances after his latest brush with the law. Munchak said Friday during his pre-training camp press conference that he met with Britt following the receiver's arrest last week for suspicion of DUI and implied consent. While Munchak expressed disappointment in Britt's lack of judgment, he indicated that more information must come out before any disciplinary measures are taken. “For us to do a knee jerk reaction on any case would be wrong by us,” Munchak said. “In this business we're tied in with the league. You can't necessarily do what you want to do all the time. At some point I think the right thing will be done by us and the league if it needs to be done.”

    Britt was arrested on July 20 after he alledgedly attempted to enter a gate at Fort Campbell (Ky.) at approximately 3:30 a.m. Munchak declined to elaborate what Britt was doing when he allegedly tried to enter the United States' Army installation in a vehicle with a female soldier. It was initially reported that defensive back Tommie Campbell was in the vehicle with Britt, which Munchak later confirmed was incorrect. None of Britt's teammates were in the vehicle, Munchak added.

    Jonathan P. Farmer, a Nashville attorney who represents Britt, said on Monday that it could be weeks before his client is assigned a court date to appear at U.S. District Court at Fort Campbell. Munchak did not provide a timetable when the league or the team will make a decision on a potential suspension for Britt. Even if Britt is suspended he will not be released, Munchak said. Britt was placed on PUP earlier this week after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee upon the conclusion of minicamp in June. The former Rutgers' receiver tore his right ACL and MCL last September vs. the Broncos. The procedure was Britt's third knee surgery in the last 12 months. Munchak is unsure if Britt suffered the left knee injury from overcompensation during the rehabilitation process. “I think that's another mystery,” Munchak said. “I think there's not one thing that did it. He's had both knees (injured) in college – it was nothing major on his knee until he tore his ACL. It may have been from favoring it, it may have been from putting too much weight on it but it became something that was swelling up on him.”

    Munchak said the worst case scenario is that Britt will remain on PUP until the completion of the sixth week of the regular season. Britt started jogging on a treadmill this week and could resume running and cutting next week, Munchak said. Britt will be taken off PUP if he passes a physical.

    Though Britt's teammates expressed disappointment at his latest indiscretion, they continue to support him. “I haven't been able to talk with him specifically on what happened,” CB Jason McCourty said. “A lot of people are disappointed but it's hard to form judgments when you don't know all the details. I know I've continued to see a change from him, I had been with him at Rutgers for three years prior to becoming a Titan with him. I know the person he is and the person who he can be.”

    Weeks into training camp last year, Matt Hasselbeck described Britt as the most talented receiver he's ever had as a teammate. Hasselbeck appears hesitant to lecture Britt on his off-field behavior because the 14-year veteran still remains relatively new to the team. “It's disappointing anytime one of your guys gets in trouble,” Hasselbeck said. “Eventually you run out of chances. It's been my experience that some guys figure it out and some guys figure it out when it's too late. We hope for the best for him.”

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