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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Mar 31, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: With the Trojan Pro Day set for Sunday, the Titans are preparing to visit two players who are expected to be drafted early in the 2006 NFL Draft -- RB Reggie Bush and QB Matt Leinart. Just because Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow coached Leinart while with USC doesn't mean General Manager Floyd Reese and Coach Jeff Fisher will do any less work on Sunday and Monday scouting him when the Titans hold a personal workout. "It's a definite advantage for Norm, having coached him, but it's not necessarily one for Jeff [Fisher] and I, in that we'll still have to see him and evaluate him, too," Reese said. Reese continues to point out that the team must address Steve McNair's $23 million cap hit. "I think we have to do something," Reese said. "You can't have one player counting a quarter of your cap, no matter who the player is."

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    After this visit Reese and Coach Fisher should have a really good idea of who we want to draft at qb and if one has seperated himself enough that we would be willing to trade up to get to them. Hopefully this will give the Titans the info to move forward with this years qb situation. If one of these guys can start next year we handle Steve differently than if he needs 2 years to get ready. It should also clear up Voleks situation maybe we can trade him if the new qb can start in a year or let Volek play this year and let Steve go and save the cap room. Reese and Fisher won't show their hand but I would love to be a fly on the wall the next 4 weeks.
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    i agree with this statement
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    I couldn't disagree more. There is no way we are trading our way to #2... we are going to take who we can get... If Leinart is gone then he is gone... I think there is a good chance they take Young over Cutler. We are not trading up.
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    No way the Titans trade up. If Young and Leinhart go #1 and #2(they probably wont). Then the Titans will pick Bush and 2 NFL GMs will be looking for new zip codes.
    IMO, the Saints will look to trade down and the Jets and Raiders will be looking to trade up. The Jets will be looking hard at Cutler and Young, as well as Ferguseon. The Raiders will want Cutler or Young also
    Young or Cutler will be availible at the #3 position.
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