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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DCtitan49, May 24, 2007.

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    9-7 knocked out in Wildcard game.
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    10-6, well get to the playoffs and vince will find a way to win and get us a superbowl
  6. RyansTitans

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    11-5 make it to the AFC Championship against whoever but I cant say if we win the game or not and advance to the Superbowl thats on them.

    Vince Young gets his passing down and has a great year all around passing and on the ground.

    Chris Henry wins the starting job in week 2 after an impressive week 1 performance and ends up with 1200.

    Brandon Jones steps up and claims his rightful place as our number 1 receiver for years to come.

    Paul Williams shows flashes of a great receiver but gets limited playing time due to BJ's great year and the emergence of one of our 3rd year guys , either Roby , Orr , or Williams. The other receivers get some action but nothing good enough to proove there starter capable. At least not yet that is.

    Troupe finally steps up his game and plays a full season injury free leading the team in 1st down catches.

    The defense plays more aggressively but still a little shaky on stopping the run and long ball. Michael Griffin struggles in the beginning of the season but when Pacman returns he switches back to his regular position and plays much better.

    Pacman comes back after a reduced 8 game suspension a little rusty on the defensive side of the ball but regroups after 2 games and steps up big time scoring on special teams and defense at least 1 time.

    Chris Hope leads the team in tackles and INT's and becomes the leader of the defense.

    Bulluck , Thorton , and Tulluch all have solid years with Bulluck leading the pack in tackles and sacks stepping up his game playing smarter then years before.

    Lamont Thompson loses his starting safety job to Calvin Lowry but excels on special teams blocking a punt and leading the team in special teams tackles(if theres even a stat on that)

    The D line struggles all season with only 2 more sacks than the season before , an obvious need in round 1 for next years draft.

    Pro Bowl Players

    QB. Vince Young
    OL. Jacob Bell
    S. Chris Hope

    Most Improved Player

    Brandon Jones
  7. that would be sweet Ryan

    i think that we will go 9-7 and we will get knocked out in the second round of the playoffs losing by a field goal
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    either alot of people have changed there mind about this offseason, in 2 days, or all the people that know we will finish 4-12 arent posting, skurred??????
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