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    Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean take on the 2005 season. Here is part of his article.

    Rookie impact report
    Round Player Comment
    1st CB Pacman Jones Has the skills to be great, but needs to get a grip and grow up — fast.
    2nd T Michael Roos Proved durable. He started all 16 games and settled in.
    3rd WR Courtney Roby Showed flashes, but slowed down at end of season.
    3rd WR Brandon Jones Knee injury ended his season, but he was best of the rookies before that.
    4th S Vincent Fuller Ankle injury kept him grounded. He will be counted on in 2006.
    4th T David Stewart Inactive for all 16 games. Remains a work in progress.
    4th WR Roydell Williams Was coming on before season-ending wrist injury.
    5th RB Damien Nash Got his first NFL carries in garbage time on Sunday.
    5th T Daniel Loper A project.
    6th TE Bo Scaife One of few players who proved capable of breaking tackles.
    7th CB Reynaldo Hill The team's last pick was one of its best.
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Not open for further replies.
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