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    Titans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick finished the preseason with some impressive offensive numbers.

    Fitzpatrick’s five touchdown passes led the NFL in the preseason and his quarterback rating of 127.1 was second-best in the league behind Seattle’s Tarvaris Jackson.

    It was a good preseason for all three Titans quarterbacks, as Jake Locker posted a 93.8 quarterback rating and Rusty Smith an 89.5 quarterback rating. The team’s combined quarterback rating was 104.6, which was leaps and bounds ahead of the Titans’ combined quarterback rating of 69.2 during the 2012 preseason.

    One other preseason number of interest was the Titans’ average time of possession (31:33), far better than Tennessee mustered in the 2012 preseason (27:45).

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    Yea, I made this thread already..."Pre Season Positives."
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