Titans Not Making the Big Plays

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    SUMMARY: After two games this season, the Titans are desperate for a big play. The teams longest offensive play this season is a 28-yard pass from rookie QB Vince Young to TE Bo Scaife. The Titans are averaging just 5.2 yards per pass attempt. There has been little in the run game. The longest special teams return is 30 yards. The defense has just two sacks and no interceptions. "That is all you need to start a game, a big play, and then your confidence is there," WR Drew Bennett said. "We haven't had that yet. But it's just a matter of time before something good like that happens to us, and I think that is the kind of thing that gets you jump-started."

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  2. well if we start vince so our offense goes out there pumped up, something can happen, let him improvise do what he does
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    I agree, and couldn't have said it any better myself.
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    I think it was Ditka on ESPN this morning who said that by starting Collins Fisher is sending the message that these games don't matter.

    I loved hearing that on television.

    Collins sucks!
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    I don't agree. He's trying to get Vince Young ready. Ready to go and be that guy. The man (VY) has a special learning curve. Seldom does anyone point out that he didn't have the benefit of having a Senior year at UT... everyone wants to say well, Manning this, and Big Ben that... We drafted a freakishly talented Junior... not quite ready... now, I'm a father of 1. A son. He is three years old... but as a father, if I imagined that I was the father of a cute teenage girl... I'd be really careful around ages 14, 15, 16... once my daughter was 17 I'd ease off... now ask yourself, do you want Vince Young knocked up?

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