Titans New 3-4 D with Rex Ryan

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by acqua7, Oct 9, 2012.

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    No need to look deep. It doesn't matter what our secondary does or how good they play...if we don't get pressure on the QB, the secondary is gonna torched...it's as easy as that. Yes, we need a better SS(and FS, but that's another story), but like I said, it don't matter who we have in the secondary if there's no pass rush.
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    This board is so funny lmao! If we win this week everyone will be high on the team again and then when we lose again everyone will be like FIRE EVERYONE! EVERYONE SUCKS AND IS WASHED UP AND OVER RATED! ahhaha
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    1. Martin and Klug are attack and react lineman, in a 3-4 you need to play read and react. You need lineman that stand in against the OL. Not linemen that try and slip past the OL right at the snap.
    2. McCarthy and Brown would need to take on blockers a lot more in a 3-4. A big part of McCarthy's success comes from the fact that the Titans keep blockers off him. Zach Brown would be useless if he had to face the kind of blockers 3-4 ILBs do.
    You are right about Wimbley and Ayers. A switch to a 3-4 would probably improve our pass rush. How run defence would be beyond terrible.
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    eghhh...that's arguable...all that can be coached. I do realize that bringing in an ILB would be a must, but I also won't say that Z Brown and McCarthy would be useless...they're tough, athletic guys.
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    McCarthy maybe, if you put a big plugger type next to him. Not Brown. He greatest strength is his speed which is exploited better in a 4-3. And, hate to say it, he is not tough. "Toughness" is actually his biggest weakness. He would get bullied by blockers in a 3-4. He needs to be free to roam.

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    Quoting about what teams succeed with the 34 and the ones that don't, really doesn't say we would be automatically on the failing side. We do have some pieces that would convert. No everyone but some. It would still be a mystery until we actually saw it regardless. One thing is for sure tho... This Defense we run now.... IS failing.
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    I don't know how I didnt see this, but I'm on board big time.

    I would love having him as a DC, its not impossible to believe that he can't have a Wade Phillips effect here. Maybe not to such an extent, but in a couple years yeah maybe.

    Also, he might put some fire in our D, and for some reason, I see him and Mike working well together (their different personalities will balance out).

    I actually remember people saying Munch should be more like Rex - I never thought that to be honest - I think a calm, cool, and collected coach is what you need. Regardless, I can't question his success on the defensive side of the ball as a coordinator.

    Regarding the system he'd run, that would be the last of my concern. In the end when he has his personnel he gives you a whole lotta different looks and pressure from all different places. I'll just let him use what he thinks is best till he maybe gets some more pieces.
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    From what I've seen, the guy doesn't have any "toughness" issues. He's proven all the analysts that called him "soft" wrong, IMO.
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