Titans Need Power Back To Split Carries With Johnson

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. GTFO my pancakz

    GTFO my pancakz S.D.M.F.

    You don't remember a guy by the name of Blount? Too bad we had an incompetent coach right.

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    Hey man, we had to keep a spot open for the great Donnie Nickey.
  3. Two Kings

    Two Kings NJ Titan

    Really lovin the direction that they are talking about. I just hope they follow through with it.

    New Titans RBs coach Sylvester Croom says Tennessee plans to add a second running back this offseason to help Chris Johnson shoulder the load.
    The Titans still plan to "feature" Johnson as the lead back in their committee, but they intend to upgrade on Jamie Harper. "I truly believe if you’re serious about running the football, you’ve got to have two guys actually both able to carry the load during the season," Croom said. "If you’re going to really run, I’m talking 30-plus times a game, there aren’t many that can do that for 16 games anymore, their bodies can’t take it."

    Source: ESPN.com
    Feb 11 - 3:38 PM
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  4. Ensconatus

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    Woooord. Just land the cat that makes it work

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    it's all coming together now boys
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  6. griff33daddy

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    30+ times a game?? our defense is gonna have to make some stops for that to happen and i would like to see more of a 45-55 pass to run ratio if not more towards the pass with the nfl these days and with our team drafting KW, britt, cook and washington...we are set up to pass if locker comes around and takes the next step forward...
  7. mike75

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    I'm so glad they are doing this.Finally we get someone like Croom in here who will get this offense moving in the right direction.I'm just wondering if we will bring in a veteran free agent or get a back through the draft.Now if we can get the O line fixed that will definitely bode well for the running game.There was no way they could continue to use C.J. as the only back with the half decade of wear and tear on him no to mention he is not considered a physical back.Also seeing him stall drives dancing around or losing fifteen yards trying to break a big run and thinking if he only had some help.Well it looks like we can finally get a back in here to wear down the opposition so C.J. doesn't have to carry the whole load.I think C.J. can still do some great things especially with another back wearing the opposition down and his speed as a weapon in the running game.C.J. ran back a 94 yarder and if i'm correct a couple of 80 yard runs last year so he still has that speed that makes him a dangerous RB if the defenses misses.Adding a power back to the mix will definitely help C.J. and our offense.
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  8. nbtoppers2

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    if he does, we almost HAVE to take him.
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  9. nbtoppers2

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    agreed. i'm actually liking the talk from everyone this off-season. make the OL a priority, bring in another good running back, and bring in a safety and i will be happy. a big DT would be great as well.
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  10. xpmar9x

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    I hope they're not serious about Jamie Harper.... just saying that best we don't have a #2 RB on the roster right now. There's a 50 better options that Jamie Harper, we better get one.
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