Titans Name New Tight Ends Coach

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    SUMMARY: The Titans have announced John Zernhelt, an assistant coach for the New York Jets last season, as the new tight ends coach. He replaced George Henshaw who was with the Titans for nine seasons. Zernhelt was head coach at The Citadel in 2004 and has been an assistant at nine colleges, including Maryland, Rice and Duke as an offensive line coach.

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    I really dont understand this move. The tightends coach is had a great (possibly his best season) season last season. He has a history with the titans of producing good TEs (Wycheck + Kinney). The DC should have been fired and the TE coach kept
  3. wg53

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    Wyclef played for the Titans? I thought he was busy with a music career.

    Yes, Henshaw did a good job coaching up the TEs. However he should not be attributed to their success in 2005, Chow and McNair should. Chow's play designs usually had Troupe or Scaife on a 3 yard out or drag on the bootlegs that we did over and over. The play design (Chow) and reads (McNair) attributed to the TEs lofty numbers, not Henshaw.
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    If there is any reason to have a tight ends coach, it's so that we get good production from our tight ends. You can argue all day about why their numbers were good, but I don't see how you can find any fault with the tight ends coach unless you simply didn't want to have a coach at that position.
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    I thought the reason Henshaw was let go was because of his offensive philosophy differing so much from Chow's. Apparently Henshaw is married to the old Titan running game philosophy while Chow wants to bring in one like he used at USC. Even though Henshaw was the TE coach, he really was more of an asst offensive coordinator. Mixing his and Chow's offense was like mixing oil and water, hence the release of Henshaw. Chow is getting the big bucks to bring in his system, and keeping Henshaw would only be a brake to the installation of the Chow system.
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