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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanfanatic, Oct 15, 2019.

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  1. HurrayTitans!

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    Rooting for the Nick Foles type story here but I’ll probably end up seeing another thread soon asking how many weeks until MM is named starter again.
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  2. 520

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  3. SenorMariota

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    Excruciatingly insane that Mariota was yanked from the game like a rookie. Changing OCs like crazy doesn't mean they give up on Mariota. Who put know-it-all Vrabel in charge of Mariota? This is the worst coached team in the NFL.

    What I took away from this game is the same thing that I took away from the bills game, POOR PLAY CALLING. Why hasn't Vrabel been fired?? You're gonna lose if everything you do is predictable. Same sets and formations - what the hxll??? Anybody in charge of this man?? Who is Vrabel to remove a proven NFL QB?

    What I see is Mariota being blamed for incompetent coaching decisions. The kind of bungle headed stuff you would expect from overpaid nitwits who don't work for a living. The Titans have a lineman for a head coach who can't play chess worth a hill of beans. A rookie OC who doesn't do his homework neither does he know what that homework is. Hello?? Anybody home?

    The Titans have a talented team but the players are not being used to their strengths and abilities. Defenses are not being fooled by their rat ball style of play. Their predictable offensive schemes. Never have I seen a team play so sloppy and stupid. Man I can go on and on with the greenhorn formàtions ànd plays. Who would hire a coaching staff like this??

    This Titans coaching staff is a mess. Vrabel is not a John Madden or a Don Shula, he's a Jarhead, ok? UNPROVEN! He crossed the line by laying blame on Mariota for his coaching woes. He should be fired.

    There is only one thing to do with a coach like this and that is fire him and his staff. Do what you should've done when he plopped his butt down in the chair to apply for the job. Another poor choice by this Titans organization. An organization full of bungling mistakes starting with the firing of Mike Malarkey. An organization that can't for the life of them find the most important player, a head coach. Why continue to follow this team? They're a going nowhere franchise.

    How many times are we gonna see no back in the backfield and Mariota sacked? When you have five on the line of scrimmage and five receivers, there is no protection. No time to throw the football. Yet this is what the Titans do practically all the time. Oh you're not fooling anybody! Is this better than the Mike Mularkey tenure?

    The receivers can't seem to get open either, a wonder they are even in the NFL. They can't make the big play either, it's as if the DBs are not fooled. They're not trying hard enough or maybe they're not talented enough, I don't know. Good receivers get open, catch and run. Not seeing much of that with this receiving corp. Maybe defenses are not fooled?? Predictable?? Oh go ahead and blame Mariota, why not?

    Good play callers will not have many third downs, and when they do it is for short yardage. If you're not fooling a defense on first or 2nd down, you're certainly not going to fool them on third down. Teams will often punt the ball when they are poorly coached. This is a poorly coached team.

    Back in the early days when football was fun to watch, teams would use two HBs and one FB in the back field. The Titans haven't used a setup like that all year, go ahead and be predictable you jarheads. Put your money on the opposing team, that's about all that you're gonna win.

    A good coached offense will score even with Gomer Pyle as QB. It's all about play calling, tricking the defense. Football is a game of chess, you don't just plop Vrabel in the chair. You find the best and put him there.

    Oh but I want to be the coach, oh please, let me, let me, let me. I want to act like I know what I'm doing, please, please. I always wanted to be since I was playing pee wee ball in kindergarten. Oh please, oh please.....

    Well, it can't be my fault, I'm not to blame. It's him! It's Mariota! Lét me yank that former Heisman trophy winner by his buster Brown and bench him. Look at me, I know what I'm doing. Ha, ha, ha. Let's put the whole blame on him, we have stupid fans, they'll side with me. After all, I'm mister Don Shula, I just haven't been discovered yet. Oh but don't tell the fans that. And don't tell them that I'm over confident either. I really don't know what I'm doing.

    Oh, oh, oh when I put Tannehill in the game, the receivers will play extra hard so that I don't blame them instead of Marriota. Oh and I know Tannehill wants to do his very best. Odd man out, Mariota. How wonderful to be a part of an organization like this. Wow!
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  4. SalmonSlayer

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  5. SenorMariota

    SenorMariota Rookie

    When Vrabel benched Mariota, he made a bold statement to us all. He chose the play calling of his greenhorn offensive coordinator Arthur Smith over the effectiveness of QB Marcus Mariota. He, in essence is saying, there is nothing ineffective with our play calling. The problem is the ineffectiveness of our QB.

    Inability to get first downs and score touchdowns is solely the ineffectiveness of Mariota.

    Well Mariota is ineffective in carrying out the plays, (that's what they're saying). He's not advancing the team per what Vrabel and Smith believe the result should be.

    However has Vrabel and Smith looked in the mirror to see if there is anything that they may be doing to cause Mariota to be ineffective? Can they do that or are they incapable of it? That is a question that the organization must answer. Will they even bother?

    Now I believe that both Vrabel and Smith are hindering Mariota in being effective. I'm not calling them numb and dumb, I'm saying that they are ignorant in what it is they are doing wrong, they don't even go there. They just believe and are over confident that their ideas will work and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. However they have not thought of everything and that is precisely why Mariota is ineffective.

    For example it may not dawn on them that 5 receivers and no back in the backfield is alerting the defense that the next play will be a pass. Therefore they do not comprehend that they have stacked the cards against Mariota.

    I believe that this sort of thing has been going on for quite sometime. Not only that but formations and sets that give the play away before it even happens which would explain the terrible running game. I truly believe that it hasn't dawned on them. This would explain the many sacks, the many incomplete passes, they can't figure it out. Really, they are apparently that ignorant.
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  6. Stewartymc

    Stewartymc Starter

    The coaching staff are at fault for trying to change Mariota into something he isn’t.
    I get that they want to keep him healthy but by doing that they are taking away his effectiveness.
    Make him heavier and slower and discourage him from doing what he’s best at!
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  7. ICBW

    ICBW MILF Hunter

    i see nobody is going to learn their lesson on this forum. Dual Threat QBs are the future of the NFL, being able to run has no correlation with being a good or bad QB, not being able to accurately throw a football does. Im going to help you out and say "I want a QB capable of being a solid pocket passer" because nobody is taking guys like Darnold, Kirk Cousins, or Dalton over Watson, or Russell Wilson, Wentz or even Dak. And even if you want to use the "dual threat QBs get hurt more" thats just not true, most injuries to QBs happen in the pocket, and the ones that don't are usually freak injuries.
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  8. steverife

    steverife Pro Bowler

    Excited to see Tammy step forward and throw confidently.

    With that said, gonna call people out that give Tammy a pass on things that people used to hammer Mary.
  9. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    What, getting injured?

    The coaches, all dozen of them, tried to change Mary into a QB. A guy who throws the ball, rather than a gimick spread option player. He failed at it. Repeatedly. get over it.

    God, these "the titans let marioata down" posts are annoying.
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  10. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee

    Exactly. Mariota is benched, mainly because of his lack of accuracy, in my opinion. He misses on short passes, medium passes, deep passes... I don’t what they’re supposed to coach into that.
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