Titans Make Statement in 31-21 Win Over Colts

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    SUMMARY: On Monday Night Football the Tennessee Titans proved to the NFL their 7-0 record is for real with a 31-21 victory over the Colts. "We made a statement," Keith Bulluck said. "The Colts are definitely no slouches. They came in and played good, but we held. ... Now, the Titans are the team to beat." The Titans scored 25 straight points in the second half which included two fourth-down stops and two INTs by Chris Hope. "We've played good football all year. It's not a fluke we're undefeated," said Hope. "We still have a lot of improvements to make as a team, but I believe we are one of the best teams in the league and I think we showed that." The win gives the Titans a four-game lead in the AFC South.

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Thread Status:
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