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    The Titans have announced several changes to their college and pro scouting departments.

    Tim Ruskell, who scouted the Southeast region last year, now will cross-check all areas east of the Mississippi River as a regional scout. Mike Yowarsky, who has 21 years of NFL experience as a scout, will take over the Southeast region for the Titans. Yowarsky joins the Titans after two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brandon Taylor, who had been the Titans Combine scout, will now scout the Midwest region for the franchise. Dale Thompson, who was a pro scout, now will be the Titans Combine scout.

    The pro scouting staff has added James Kirkland, who joins the Titans from the Chicago Bears. Dennis Polian, who previously was the special assistant to head coach Mike Munchak, now will be the assistant director of football administration/pro scout. Additionally, Luke Steckel has been hired as the special assistant to the head coach. Steckel spent four seasons in the same role for the Cleveland Browns.

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  2. Titanup1982

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    Does this mean more SEC players for us :)
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