Titans Make It Three In A Row

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    SUMMARY: The Tennessee Titans won it's third game in as many weeks with a 41-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Chris Johnson had another record-breaking game rushing for 132 yards and receiving for another 100. It's the first time a player had surpassed the 100-yard mark in both rushing and receiving since Billy Cannon did it in 1961. Besides Johnson's 232 all-purpose yards, Vince Young continued to play well going 17-for-25 for 210 yards and a passing TD. Despite throwing his first interception, his passer rating was 90.4 for the game. "Defenses, they have to choose," Johnson said. "Do you want to stop 10 (Young)? Or do you want to stop (28)? That's what me and Vince say every day. Whichever one you choose to stop, the other one is going to have a good day." Though the Titans had only a three-point lead at the half, the they pulled away late due to two interceptions returned for a score by Vincent Fuller and Rod Hood. The schedule for the Titans gets tougher next week as they face the 5-4 Houston Texans on Monday Night Football.

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Thread Status:
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