Titans love Cooper-Confirmed by mulitple reports

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KyTitansFan, Apr 20, 2013.

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    In that situation, I'd want Ansah or Floyd. I'm all for drafting Warmack but I don't see how you do it if both of those other guys I mentioned fall in your lap. Floyd would probably be the safer pick. But Ansah could end up being great. I'd be fine rolling the dice on an "upside" pick at that position. It's been so long since we've had an elite player at DE. We can do better than Morgan and Wimbley.

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    A Guard at 10 is overkill, I agree completely.
  4. The Playmaker

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    Guard in the 2nd plz

    1. Star
    2. Warford
    3. Patton
    3. Slay

    OR CB in the 2nd and Barrett Jones in the 3rd.
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    I agree that Milliner won't make it to us. Some team like the Jets will grab him.
    I also doubt we go OG and quite honestly Munch hasn't said we would go OG at all. Sure he may like the OGs but he has said the interior guys in this draft are pretty solid and we can find a guy who can play after round one. So IMO OG is only a possibility if all 4 of the guy they have on their list are gone and they make it to #5 or so which is were one of the OGs will be.

    Who knows how the team has rated guys like Ansah, Jordon or Mingo. It is posible they are high or not even in the picture since they don't fit our scheme. Then again if they plan to transition more to a 3-4 in the near future one of those guys would be right up there. Everything is speculative. They may have two CBs they are looking at including Milliner and another. Nobody knows if a WR is in the mix early but Munch made the point that there isn't a WR or two that you would normally see in the top 10.

    What I don't buy is this idea because we signed Levitre we don't have a need for OG. No, we needed two OGs going into the off season and now we only need one. And if we play a POS there it actually negates signing Levitre because what good dose it do if he is handling his guy and we have some dud playing like a swinging gate out there. All we did in FA was sign some depth outside of Levitre. Basically we signed two guys that make Amano expendable and I assume he will be cut in camp provided we don't have a injury.

    If we did go OG in the 1st I'd be fine with it. Simply means the small group of guys they rated ahead of him were already gone and OG is the BPA. Why reach for another position? Besides, having the best pair of OGs in the AFC would never be a bad thing. I'm sure Locker and CJ wouldn't mind it.
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    But munch said nothing about Cooper having more long term potential at all. He just said he liked his athleticism. Clearly from what munch said he prefers Warmack and not just for this year.He said that Bama uses a blocking scheme that is more like the nfl.

    He also in the same interview said that they would not be taking a pass rusher who does not fit the scheme. Didn't mention any names but Mingo immediately came to mind.
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    Could be 2 QBs taken ahead of us.

    Browns have a hard on for Manuel. The owner said he looks like Cam Newton and he does in some ways.

    Remember we reached for locker at 8. Sorry but he was a reach that high. After that Gabbert and Ponder came off the board in the next 4 picks. If a team like the Browns really wants Manuel they have to take him because they can't risk on him being there in rd 2.
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    Yeah, I've been saying all along that the QBs are going to go higher than expected. It's easy to point out flaws and move them down the board in the weeks leading up to the draft. But when it gets right down to it QB is the most important position on the field and teams don't mind reaching.

    If two QBs were off the board before our pick that would be absolutely amazing for us. And I don't think it's all that crazy of a suggestion.
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  9. GoT

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    I agree
  10. UrbanLegend3

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    I don't get the EJ Manuel love. I thought Jason Campbell was a better prospect coming out of Auburn.
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