Titans love Cooper-Confirmed by mulitple reports

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KyTitansFan, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Eh I dont think that site is as bad as others like Bleacher Report. The link mock as had the Titans at Guard for the majority of the time flopping between Cooper and Warmack week-to-week seemingly. They did have Milliner @ 10 but that was a long time ago after the Combine when Milliner's stock rose he hasn't been mocked past Tampa since.
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    I don't how things will work out. If Geno and the three tackles go before 10 I think there is a definitive possibility of a defensive playmaker being available.

    1. Joeckel
    2. Jordan
    3. Floyd
    4. G. Smith
    5. Fisher
    6. Milliner
    7. Johnson
    8. Ansah? Austin? The Bills always screw things up and take someone off the radar.
    9. Probably whoever the Bills don't take and depends on whether they trade Revis.
    10. Does Lotulelei fall this far? If the Raiders take Star over Floyd he could fall this far because of scheme.

    Honestly I could see Vaccaro being in play. Griffin probably won't be back after 2013 and Vaccaro can play outside in three-receiver sets with Verner moving inside.
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    That same site had us taking Milliner two days ago. Todd McShay says Floyd, the closer we get, the more the Gaurd predictions fade. Granted, Guard has been and still is the most frequently mocked for us, but it is not nearly as Guard-centric as it has been.
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    Well definetly possible especially the Buffalo scenario ha. Hope your right, a defensive star would be great but I am not that low on the option of going Guard as well; so I guess I am torn either way and don't think it's a total loss to take a Guard over a DE (just because I hated the Titans O-line last year and Locker needs more help) But in the top 10 granted I know it seems to high for a position easily found in FA or later in the draft.
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    Ansah shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan and Lotulelei. Both these guys will put Ansah's career to a shame.

    With that said, if we decide against guard, I'd be willing to bet our FO is going to lean towards a CB if Jordan and Lotulelei are off the board. I also thought we'd lean towards Decastro if he fell to us last year, and we drafted a WR...so...
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    Because people realize that they're guards and they'll fall because there is no value in taking one in the early first round. That's really all there is to it.

    Front offices don't want to be the ones who pass up on a productive player who scores touchdowns or prevents them to pick a position that could be filled in the third round and the front office is willing to strike out on the pick to do it.
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    If Warmack is the best player at 10 then you take him. Plain and simple. Unless Star, Ansah, or Floyd fall to us, then there isn't any other player better than Warmack that is a fit for us. While there are other quality guards in this draft, you won't find one more NFL ready than Warmack or Cooper.
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    Like I wanted to when we selected Zach Brown last year.... You just can't really know anything in this league...

    I posted an article analyzing recently selected 'G' who were drafted high, and their success rate is amazing, 100% to be more exact. I'm very ok with a 'slam dunk' pick. For example, Chance is rated by many as the top prospect, if he falls to 10 and we take him i'd be fine. If we go Coop, I'll still be fine.

    Guys D-Line (according to Mayok himself) is the hardest position to grade, even he said it that many flop. Also, I get scared of these undersized DE... As part of 3-4 fine, but as a 4-3 DE 'put your hand in the dirt' and 'seal the edge' and 'gap control' they often struggle... Also, we already have KW and Ayers for when we need them.

    In the end, like I said about Zach, there is just no way to know. I've hated picks over the years and they have been bomb. I've loved picks over the years, and they have been garbage. So yeah, I just hope we get some good players this year...


    Interesting point about Coop, since he can play any iOL spot, I wonder if we get him does that make Amano expendable? I mean Amano should be already, but maybe after they saw the unit get decimated, they want to hold on to some familiar bodies.

    I imagine though if we go OL early, he will be cut or forced to restructure (i'd be perfectly fine with that). Maybe keeping him around but as a back-up and giving him a pay cut might light a fire under his arse.

    We really need to find a GIF of CJ getting tackled by Amano and post it to his tweeter or some shi*t....
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    now we need to GIF that.... hahahaha I might have to change my stance, no to the restructure, cut that fool
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    with a katana
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