Titans Lose Ugly to Dolphins 24-10

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    SUMMARY: The Titans have a streak going and it isn't pretty. The 24-10 loss to the Dolphins continues a streak in which the Titans have trailed by double digits in all 11 losses this year. "Offensively, the first eight drives of the ballgame, we had five punts, two interceptions and a field goal, and that doesn't get it done. There were false starts and sacks, and things that didn’t give us a chance to get going," Coach Jeff Fisher said. It also marked the seventh time this season and the fourth week in a row where the Titans had yielded a 100-yard rusher on the ground. "It was the exclamation point. I can say on most games and most days, we show up ready to fight, no matter what the outcome may be, but we just didn’t come ready to play. That’s all," T Brad Hopkins said.

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    In the majority of games this season the Titans have not been beaten by the opposing team. They have beaten themselves! They have literally been the other team's best player. Professional football is not easy. But, that is no excuse. It is a job like any other. You do what you have to do to be successful. Not making avoidable mistakes is the number one, rock bottom, absolute minimum requirement for winning in anything. If that is not taken care of, then nothing else that is done will make a difference. False starts, holding, personal fouls, etc. are what have killed this team all year. Brad Hopkins is quoted above as saying "we just didn't come ready to play. That's all" What the H E double hockey sticks can keep a professional football player from coming ready to play. This is not a side thing for them. This is their bread and butter. Ughh!
  3. Hey Andre played ... Maybe it was his fault TDs were caught against the other corners in this game and the game before.... :suspect: I know for a fact if he had gotten beat on those plays, people would be screaming murder. No passes to the slot receivers he was holding in this game.... None.
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