Titans Looking to Trade Up?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tennessy XO, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. TitanDoug

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    I'm just not a fan of this draft. I don't see the surefire impact players in this draft as I do in most years.

    Especially none at the positions the Titans need most - DL (full of projects, one year wonders, and Mike Mamulas), safety (mark barron - overrated), interior OL (I like DeCastro, but he might actually make it to #20 or near enough that you wouldn't have to sell out to get him).

    Honestly, if you gave me the choice of giving up a 2nd rounder to move up to #10 to take a guy like Coples or Barron, or staying put at 20, keeping our 2nd rounder, and taking a guy like Nick Perry, Mercilus, or Gilmore - I'd rather see us stay put.

    Looking over the boards, and just IMHO, the only guys I believe will end up as elite players are Luck, Blackmon, Richardson, and maybe RGIII and Claiborne. I don't see us needing any of those guys, so might as well stay put, grab someone like Mercilus or Perry, and hope for the best.
  2. Shanvhere

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    I will glady give up next years 1st round pick, seeing how we will pick AT 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!
  3. Titanup1982

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    This upcoming draft doesn't get me overly excited like the past drafts. Maybe it's because we are in no man's land when we select and there really isn't too much value in our range that warrants the 20th pick.

    I'm more excited about the 2nd and 3rd round picks this year than I am the 1st. No way at all do I endorse trading up to select anybody other than Blackmon.

    If we are willing to trade up to select Blackmon, why not just save the farm and select the dude in my signature pic :)
  4. Scarecrow

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    I would like to get Ingram, but out of all the ends in the draft, they all blend in, and I think they will all be just decent in the NFL. Would rather not trade up for one, just grab whoever falls.
  5. Ensconatus

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    Definitely not sure about trading up. Trading back would be the better option. But whatever. Last years draft was excellent, I'm excited to see how this one looks.
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  6. JerseyTitan

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    Same here. With lack of elite defensive players this year, I would much rather trade back in the first and maybe pick a first next year or a second/third this year. If we trade into the late twenties, we would be justified in taking Konz. A center is not worth a top 20 pick, but 28th overall is perfect suitable for a "franchise center".

    THE_TITAN Starter

    I find that whenever people say "this draft class has no talent" etc. That the draft class in question always seems to produce a bumper crop of talent. There are quality players in this draft for us to grab, I have confidence in our front office to get the job done.
  8. Thaddeus43

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    Brockers visiting today. Hmm ...
  9. HeadOnASwivel

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    Have the F.O/we learned nothing from how the Patriots draft? In a deep DL draft it's all about trading down to gain additional picks for next year if not this year. This team will not become great or fix all it's problems in one stinkin' draft. Trading down and setting ourselves up for the future it the way to go about this. Some of our holes will be filled in free agency so gaining additional picks would be the smart thing to do.
  10. NYCTitanfan84

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    If there was ever a draft to trade down in..its this one