Titans Looking to Trade Up?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tennessy XO, Apr 1, 2012.


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  2. wplatham

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    Dalton has the goods to be fantastic, but Locker was always the guy for us. With the connections to Seattle, Locker was always a lock.

    IF we didn't have a GM from Seattle, Hasselbeck wasn't a free agent, and Locker wasn't meant to be ours, I'd have been fine with us taking Dalton.
  4. Titanic_Sub

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    But there has never been a good ginger quarterback before!
  5. Soxcat

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    Actually what you are saying might be motivation to move up this year if there is a guy they really like (Coples?). In 2011 a team could sit and let the draft come to them. This year if there is a particular type of guy you want you might have to be more aggressive to get him. Even guys like Perry and Ingram are probably not going to drop to the Titans (or at least the guy they like the best). Actually the 2010 draft is a good example of a time when we would have been better off jumping a few teams. What if we really liked JPP over Morgan (obviously JPP would have been a great pick for us) but instead of just praying he dropped to us we move up a couple of spots and take him? That is the scenario I see potentially going on this year (of course we didn't have a 2nd round pick in 2010 but we could have used a 3rd maybe to move up a couple of spots). We wait to get the left overs and miss getting a potentially elite player. Granted we could potentially end up with a miss instead of hit but certainly you increase your chances if you see something in a guy you really like that sets him apart from the group.

    On top of that this draft has a number of elite type players that will go early and not just on the DL. Kuechly, DeCastro, Blackmon, Floyd and possibly Glenn, Barron along with Coples (who has undeniable size, quickness and dominated anyone who tried to block him in Senior Bowl practices and the game). So when you add that group to the QBs who will be taken it is entirely possible an elite player the Titans like is sitting there around #10 and would definately be worth trading up for. It really depends on who the Titans like.
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    I don't buy it. BUT if we were to trade up I'd hope it'd be for Blackmon.
  7. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    If this is a legit story I have to believe the player they want is Ingram or Coples. No need though to make the deal now. If we trade up to 10 and both are gone, we traded up for no reason.
  8. The Playmaker

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    I don't buy it.

    Who could we want to trade up for so bad?

    Claiborne? We don't need another CB bad enough to trade other picks.
    Blackmon? Would be interesting but doubtful.
    Poe? Combine guy, doubt we're that interested in him.
    DeCastro? Would we trade up for a Guard?
    Coples? Please no.
    Ingram? Most likely.
    Upshaw? That wouldn't be bad...

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    There's no one we should trade up for, no one.
  10. Titans1981

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    Let's stay where we are and pick Decastro, Cox, or Perry.
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