Titans Looking to Finish Strong at Home

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    SUMMARY: With an upset Sunday against the Seahawks, the Titans would end the season 4-4 at home. "You always want to have a good final impression at home," Titans QB Steve McNair said. "It's something the guys think about, and we want to go out and have a good show." Coach Jeff Fisher is hoping the fans can make a difference on Sunday. "We owe so much to them because they've been here through the tough times," he said. "I think they all understand where we're at. The players were really hoping we get everybody out there this week. It means a lot to them. They've been working hard. This is a playoff team that we have a chance to upset. I know the players are really looking forward to it, and we want to finish up strong.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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