Titans look to keep Jags winless at home

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    The Titans will have to hope the law of averages doesn’t work against them on Sunday when they visit Jacksonville.

    The Jaguars have yet to record a home victory in five tries this season and – along with the Kansas City Chiefs (0-5) – are threatening to become the first team since the 2009 St. Louis Rams to go winless at home through a full year.

    Jacksonville has been outscored 153-44 in its five home games, losing each home contest by at least 17 points. The worst defeat was a 41-3 loss to Chicago on Oct. 7.

    “I can’t explain why we’ve not played as well here as we have on the road,” said Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey, whose team has lost three times in overtime on the road this season.

    “If I knew, I would have addressed it long ago … This is just something we’ve experienced. It’s going to turn at some point. Hopefully it’s this weekend.

    “We just have not had a lot of things go in our direction, the right way for one reason or another. A lot of it’s self-inflicted, some of it’s not. Our guys are glad to be home, glad to be playing in front of our fans. We have a great fan base here. It will turn in a good direction, and we all believe that.”

    The Titans have won two straight on the road, beating Buffalo and Miami, and are not concerning themselves with Jacksonville’s home problems, according to coach Mike Munchak.

    “We lost down there last year, so that’s all we remember about Jacksonville,” Munchak said. “(Jacksonville’s losing streak) is the last thing on (the Titans’) mind. We assume it will be like Miami. There will be a decent, solid crowd, and if it’s a great game, it will be very loud.”

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  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    Not if Chad Henne has anything to say about it!

    But seriously, I'd much rather play against Gabbert...
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  3. TheBisco

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    "We assume it will be like Miami. There will be a decent, solid crowd, and if it’s a great game, it will be very loud.”

    I wish Munch was as good at coaching as he is at sarcasm. This is a masterpiece.

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