Titans Keep Playoffs Alive With 27-24 Win Over Dolphins

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    SUMMARY: The Tennessee Titans kept their playoffs hopes alive despite blowing an 18-point second half lead in a 27-24 defeat of the Miami Dolphins. It took a 46-yard FG by Rob Bironas in overtime to give the once 0-6 Titans, a .500 record this season for the first time. They're 7-7 with two games remaining and must win both, along with getting help from many others, to possibly secure the final AFC playoff position. QB Vince Young threw a career-best three TD passes and improved to 7-1 since taking over as the starter Nov. 1. RB Chris Johnson gained more than 100 yards (104 on 29 carries) for the ninth straight game but is off the pace for a 2,000 yard rushing season. "We didn't quit, and that's the way this whole season has gone for us," DE Kyle Vanden Bosch said. "Regardless of our record, the guys in this locker room will stand up for each other. We got a win, and it was a win against a good team."

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