Titans keep new IR option in their pocket for now

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    The Titans chose not to use the NFL’s amended injured reserve rule on either of their veteran defensive ends – Leger Douzable (shoulder) or Dave Ball (concussion).

    Under the new rule, every team is allowed to bring one player off injured reserve during the season, as long as he has been on injured reserve for at least six weeks. The team must designate that player when he’s placed on IR, however, and the Titans chose not to go that direction for Ball or Douzable.

    That leaves the Titans with the option of using the new injured reserve slot during the season, if a star player goes down with an injury that is not deemed season-ending.

    “I think every team will look at that differently since it is something that is new, but yeah, I think we’re hoping that it’s something we don’t have to use it at all as the season progresses,” Munchak said. “It’s something that’s there. There’s cases last year of guys getting hurt in the first couple of weeks of the season that could have come back and played in the playoffs.

    “I think that was the intent of (the new rule). If you lose a top player in the league, a marquee guy on your team that’s important (and if you believe) that’s one of those six-to-eight weekers and you think, ‘You know what? We could have him back and need him for the December run.’ That leaves the door open for those things, instead of losing him for the season or having to count him on your roster every week … Right now, we didn’t think there was anyone that we’d want to put that on at this point.”

    Munchak said it was unclear how long Douzable would be out, which factored into the decision of placing him on IR. Douzable had hoped to play through a recent shoulder injury because surgery definitely would have meant an end to his season.

    “We were hoping to see some signs that maybe it was something he could play with without a surgery, that he could get strong enough, but it could be too far down the line before we find that answer out, and he may never be able to (play) unless he gets it fixed,” Munchak said. “The question is, could he have played without the surgery? I guess you’re hoping you can do that (as a player). (But) we just felt the best thing for right now, that he’d have trouble doing that.”

    Source: Titans Insider