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    SUMMARY: Coach Jeff Fisher
    "This was a tale of two halves. We had some unfortunate mistakes in the first half that created a situation where we couldn’t score and convert third downs because of some penalties. We regrouped at half-time and if we wanted a chance (to win) then we decided to put those things behind us."

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    "They definitely turned their energy level up and I just don't think we matched it," he said. "They started doing a great job of not being in the defenses that we had scouted and so some of our plays were geared toward a particular coverage or a particular look and they weren't getting into it like we expected them to. So it made it tough on us ..."

    Who gets the credit for that, Jim or Jeff?

    It's really impressive to me to hear that about us from a division opponent. If we can confuse those who know us the best, they we can stay a step ahead of the teams that don't see us as often.
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