Titans Interested in Manning?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by pobo90, Mar 8, 2012.

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    This is so stupid and I hope it's not true.

    My disdain for anything "Manning" has grown to new heights with his Cro-Magnon little brother being on two Superbowl winning teams. Obviously my hate for Peyton knows no bounds.

    I'd have a hard time rooting for the Titans if we brought him in to be our starter, but that will never happen.

    He loves Ursay and the Colts, that is painfully obvious, why the hell would he want to play against them twice each season?
  2. costarica2

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    Looks like Manning and Wayne are coming to south beach.

    'Is gonna be hollywood down here'-DWade.
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    Crawl back under that rock..
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    looks like surething ran out of it sucks....

    why espn...why.... why must you stir up the pot and give the hopeless hope.... seriously, if speculation by "experts" is now a part of reporting then anyone could do it..
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    Webster's job is to make our team better long term and stay as competitive as possible short term. He wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't at least investigate the possibility of what it would cost to get a better QB here at a better value.

    Who knows what price Manning will fetch and who knows the REAL health status and ability of Peyton to physically perform? My guess is that it would be too expensive to bring Manning here and that his health makes him less able to perform than what we already have in a healthy Hasselbeck. Plus Hasselbeck is already familiar with our system and has developed some chemistry with the other players, including Locker.

    I can't see how brining Manning here improves our team from any angle but Webster probably will (or has) investigate(d) the above mentioned factors.

    Just don't see any chance in hell it happens.
  6. pobo90

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    what if he doesn't demand much in term of money. Could that be a viable option for us?
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    The word business decision is often used incorrectly, but I have to believe Peyton in Tennessee is good business. Owner should be looking at it not only to upgrade the roster but to generate revenue. I think both sides win in this situation if Peyton indeed would like to be in Tennessee, which I would think given his emotional weakness of returning to his college town, would be true. Jake Locker isn't maketable. Peyton Manning, big business.

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    Just in case someone missed it, the last time Manning came back from a surgery his team started 3-4. #DoNotWant
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  9. Riverman

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    I'm not a UT fan and could not care less if an alumnus is our QB. I imagine other non-UT fans feel similarly.

    For me, it boils down what QB helps THE TITANS out the most to win a Super Bowl. Is that Manning? Depends on the factors I mentioned in the prior post.
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    People can scoff all they want. But the bottom line is it'd be dumb for the Titans (or any team without a truly elite QB on their roster) not to be reaching out to see where Manning stands health-wise and try to gauge interest.

    If/when he is healthy, why would the Titans not be interested? Because of Hasselbeck? Because of Locker? Give me a break. As a GM/FO/HC, if you aren't exploring ALL options to make your team the very best it can possibly be at every single position then you're doing your team and its fans a disservice. And to not at least inquire about one of the top 5 QBs to EVER play the game would be doing just that.

    All that said, yes I think it's very unlikely he ends up here. But I certainly wouldn't say it's impossible. I think we as Titan fans tend to think very conservatively when it comes to big moves like this. Because, well, we've been conditioned to think that way ever since the team has been here. But we've got a new GM and a 2nd year HC. Who knows? Maybe a move like this is something they give some thought to.
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