Titans interested in hiring Gregg Williams (now hired)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titaneers, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Titans2004

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    I wonder what former saints players think about Williams. The saints are switching to a3-4 defense which means that will smith and vilma are both probably cap casualties. I wouldn't mind vilma as our MLB.

    I think his blitzing style fits brown and ayers nicely.
  2. Titanium

    Titanium TITANFN Staff

    GW threw Vilma under the bus in Bounty Gate.... If Williams is on the staff, don't think there is a chance Vilma would come anywhere near the TN border. Although I like Vilma as a player, he's a big mouth arse
  3. Gunny

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    Pretty happy with the hire, personally I wouldn't mind if he became the HC if Munch doesn't improve. As long as he gets a say in the defense, we should see an improvement.
  4. CJtheBeast

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    I thought it might be too good to be true. I'm also glad that other fans are happy with the hire. Maybe we can all try to be optimistic about the rebuilding of our franchise. Hopefully this year was our biggest growing pain.

    A little off topic but did any of you notice the comments under the article?? Completely different from here. I'm more of a political debater than football debater these days but there's been a flood of government and disinformation bots lately. I'm glad to see that this place is still full of actual Titans fans and not mass spam bots.
  5. GeronimoJackson

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    Why is Jerry Gray still the DC? He's the guy that chooses "ask madden" on defense.

    Also, last night, I had a dream that the Titans gave up 90 points in a game against the Jaguars, no joke.
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  6. J Falk

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    This is badass.
  7. Carpy

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    As Titanium said, Vilma and Williams won't co-exist after Bountygate.

    If we were to get a former Saint, my money is on Tracy Porter, who hardly saw the field due to injuries in Denver this season. Williams has always wanted corners who excel in man coverage and Porter was very good under Williams in New Orleans.
  8. LoneWolf

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    I personally think this is a great move, the whole bounty thing doesn't bother me at all. I'm tired of watching flag football. Hopefully, Williams can inspire our guys to stop playing titty tag and go out their and hit someone.
  9. Danimal

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    Add Williams to the staff and we can cut Grey mid-season, ala Palmer, to cover the Munch when we come out of the gates loosing.
  10. titantrusince82

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    I endorse this 100 percent. When he was with us, our D had attitude and swagger. I truly feel that we are 3 Key FAs (Levitre, DT, SS) and a great draft (if we can get an OL that can start on week 1, and one def starter at DE or DT), then we can easily make the playoffs. Williams will throw different looks on D by blitzing more than just one LB (or just sending our front 4). He is going to make MCcourty earn his money bc he will be one on one bumping the WR.
    Verner said it best when he said that we need an attitude adjustment. Well, if Williams comes, we'll have attitude.
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