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    SUMMARY: After having 22 players unable to practice on Wednesday due to injuries, only 12 were out on Thursday. Rookie QB Vince Young participated in practice and won't be 100% Saturday night. "I felt good," Young said. "My hand started getting warm as practice went on. At the very beginning it was a little worse, getting snaps and things like that. But after I got warm, squeezing the ball little bit, I was fine." DE Antwan Odom will not require a corrective procedure on his knee and won't be placed on injured reserve. It is unknown when he will return. DE Travis LaBoy is having some shoulder swelling. DT Albert Haynesworth (back) should play Saturday night. Coach Jeff Fisher is unsure whether or not WR Brandon Jones will start Saturday night or wait until the final preseason game against the Packers. FB Troy Fleming (knee), LB Cody Spencer (abdomen/groin), DL Copeland Bryan and Marcus White (knee), TEs Erron Kinney (knee) and Gregg Guenther (hip flexor) and WR David Givens (hamstring) are all sidelined with injuries.

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    Hope we don't play Al to long we need to have him ready for the start of the season, hope we don't play Jones until next week. I'd like to see if Calico is going to help and see some of these other guys healthy and back on the field. With cuts starting next week this is a critical game for many of these players.
Thread Status:
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