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    The Titans continue to keep their fingers crossed regarding guard Leroy Harris, who went down with a right knee injury on Sunday.

    Coach Mike Munchak said the team feels a lot better about his outlook after recent tests.

    “Initially the concern was it was a lot worse,’’ Munchak said. “It is just a day to day to see where he is at, but I would think he would definitely be playing here sooner rather than later.”

    Harris was a little more cautious, however. He said more tests are scheduled for later in the week, and expressed some concern his season could be over.

    “It would be disappointing, but it happens,’’ Harris said. “We are doing more tests as it’s not as stiff, and I can bend it more. It could go either way. I just have to be as positive as possible.”

    Harris was among four Titans who didn’t practice on Wednesday, joining tackle David Stewart (knee), linebacker Patrick Bailey (ribs) and cornerback Tommie Campbell (ankle). Munchak said he thinks Stewart should be able to practice by the end of the week and play on Sunday.

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