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    Cornerback Terrence Wheatley (hamstring), cornerback Ryan Mouton (concussion), tackle Mike Otto (finger, knee), defensive end Leger Douzable (shoulder), defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks (knee), defensive end Dave Ball (concussion) and defensive tackle Jurrell Casey did not practice Monday and won’t play on Thursday vs. the Saints.

    Linebacker Zac Diles (hamstring) did not practice Monday, but Coach Mike Munchak was unsure about his status for Thursday’s game. Guard Leroy Harris did not practice, but is expected to play.

    In addition to the finger surgery he had earlier this month, indications are Otto also had a recent procedure on his right knee. In the locker room on Monday, Otto had band-aids on the knee and a sleeve on his right leg. Asked about whether he’d had arthroscopic surgery, Otto referred questions to Munchak.

    While speaking about Otto prior to the open locker room period, Munchak didn’t mention a recent knee procedure for Otto.

    “I’m guessing maybe another week or so for him. That’s what I assume,’’ Munchak said. “Once he gets the pin out of his hand, and I guess at that point, then we’ll see how he can handle the pain of it, and how he can cover it up and protect him.”

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