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  1. titan_fan_4ever

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    I made this thread for people who want to paste spinets from articles that highlight the Titans.


    Per CBS - Top 10 impactful NFL Free Agents:
    6. G Andy Levitre, to the Titans from the Bills: Casual fans might not know much about Levitre, the almost 27-year-old who could become the best guard in the league, but his presence in Tennessee certainly will aid a Titans squad that will continue to focus much of its offensive attention on the run game. Frankly, I'm not sure how much that free-agent Shonn Greene will contribute this year, but No. 1 running back Chris Johnson and quarterback Jake Locker have to be happy.

    Per CBS - Ranking NFL QBs
    Category: Put up or shut up
    25. Jake Locker, Titans: Locker's athleticism has a wow factor to it, but at the same time his accuracy leaves a LOT to be desired. He's been injured some but now has to step up and be a franchise passer, the one the Titans took in the first round. With Andy Levitre coming over in free agency, Chance Warmack added via the draft and Chris Johnson theoretically prepared for a big year, there's really no reason why Locker, who has ample weapons around him, can't step up and have a strong season.


    I actually very much agree with both... I think they are spot on and along the lines of what we've been saying here.


    Hard to believe something, even mildly positive, beind said about the Titans in the media. Is it snowing in hell? Just curious.
  3. NewHorizans

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    Wow, we have the 25th best QB out of 32. Only 7 worse than us.

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    IDK, lets see.


    nope, not snowing
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  5. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    Nice TitanSized article....

    Link: http://titansized.com/2013/05/20/tennessee-titans-sacks-dont-equal-wins/

    One may say that the Titans don’t really need pass rush help, although Derrick Morgan and Kamerion Wimbley did play 80% of the snaps last year which is way too much. The addition of Gregg Williams, combined with the likes of Bernard Pollard, lends credence to the idea that the Titans will be more inventive in finding ways to get to the quarterback. The evolution of Akeem Ayers as a pass rusher could play into that same vein as well. Ayers and Pollard could rush out of 3-4 sets and Ruby packages respectively. The addition of 330 lb. Sammie Lee Hill in the middle of the line is expected to have a large effect as well. Morgan and Wimbley both were able to get close to the quarterback on a number of occasions last year, only to have the opposing signal caller step forward into a clean pocket to evade the outside rush. Putting Hill next to Jurrell Casey and Mike Martin on the interior of the line, should make that a lot harder on the opposing teams.

    Just keep Morgan and Wimbley fresh.... Put Casey/Martin beside the bigger Sammie Hill... More creative schemes.... Better blitzing... We have a lot to fix and a lot that looks to be fixed, I'm not sure another undersized pass rusher would help as much as people think - especially for a price that SD paid Freeny or something close to it.

    I've been saying, sure I definitely want John, but I'm very happy with both Wimbley and Ayers as our stronger and lankier (respectively) end rushers... Also, in the end all three of them are speed rushers, and I'd bank on Wibley/Ayers having more of that too... I wanted John merely to help them better themselves at that role and their craft, more so than take possible playing time from them. I'm also not sure John gives us anything we can't already get out of Kam/Ayers right now. As the article pointed out:
    • "Colts both tied for 23rd ending up with a mere 32 sacks, while the mighty Atlanta Falcons with coveted John Abraham only ended the season with 29."
    Finally, as the article said:
    • "The Titans defense had much larger problems than it’s quarterback pressure last year. Such as covering tight ends, blown assignments, and an inordinate amount of missed tackles. If those issues are addressed first and foremost, I won’t worry about the sack total so much."
    Combine that with a functional offense (revamped Line for CJ/Greene and Locker, better plays and play calling, better QB play, etc...) and really playoffs would have to be a reality (if we lose on a tie breaker after a great season, so help me...)

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    Our sack numbers are phony, sure they happened, but look versus who. They give you a false sense, cause honestly we bad at getting to the QB.*

    *DISCLAIMER the Tennessee Titans suck cause of Jerry Gray's woman attitude, dude wont blitz, he just wont.
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  7. UrbanLegend3

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    Even if this is true, the spirit of the article remains. According to their list the Rams had the second most sacks in the league and they weren't exactly world beaters. A top 10 pass rush is more than enough.I'd bet we also generate more QB hurries than most teams in the league. An offense being able to stay on the field changes everything.
  8. amy

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    According to CBS pundits? wow, i'm impressed. not
  9. Ghost

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    Yeah my thoughts exactly.
  10. NewHorizans

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    I am calling it. 15 yrs from now, Nashville will be double the size and Titans are huge team in the league.

    We have true blue heart beating fans here. The football gods will reward us in time

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