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    None of the Titans’ starting five offensive linemen were full participants in practice on Thursday.

    Guards Leroy Harris (knee) and Steve Hutchinson (rest day) sat out the full practice, as did tackle David Stewart (knee). Tackle Michael Roos (abdomen) and center Fernando Velasco (concussion) were both limited.

    Hutchinson and Roos should return to full practice on Friday. Titans coach Mike Munchak is hopeful that Velasco and Stewart will as well, pointing out that Stewart has played through hyper-extended knees in the past.

    But Harris remains a big question mark for the Chicago game.

    “Like I said, I’m not going to rule anybody out yet,” Munchak said. “(But) he’s going to have to come a long way.”

    Assuming Harris doesn’t play, Munchak will choose between Deuce Lutui and Kevin Matthews to fill the right guard spot.

    “There are a lot of things to consider,” Munchak said. “We wanted Deuce (Lutui) to get a lot of reps this week, just because he hadn’t had an opportunity to do a lot of that with the offense and Kevin Matthews had. In practice today, (Steve) Hutchinson doesn’t practice, so Kevin played a lot more left guard, so Deuce could get a lot of reps at the right guard spot. We’ll just kind of see how things go tomorrow, and we’ll make some decisions.”

    As for other Titans on the injury report, linebackers Colin McCarthy (ankle) and Patrick Bailey (ribs) did not practice. McCarthy should return to practice on Friday.

    Cornerback Tommie Campbell (ankle), safety Michael Griffin (hip) and quarterback Jake Locker (shoulder) were limited participants.

    Wide receiver Kenny Britt (ankle), wide receiver Nate Washington (knee), defensive end Kamerion Wimbley (toe) and linebacker Will Witherspoon (hamstring) were all full participants.

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