Titans hire Mike Vrabel as Head Coach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. 615nick

    615nick Starter

    You haven't seen his staff yet. Any oc that is brought in will call the plays and be in control, this is a good setup for an up and coming oc/hc. Having 2 good defensive minds on you team is never a bad thing.
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  2. 520

    520 2020 GOAT CHAMP from 3-7 to champ

    No he doesn’t have a point lol

    The great qb whisperer offensive genius made Mariota regress yearly. I like the idea Of an up and coming offensive guy solely focusing on the offense and Mariota
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  3. SuperMariota

    SuperMariota Starter

    I watched one of the clips that was posted here in the forum. Some walked away from it not impressed. What I come away from it with is it didn't seem like he exuded a whole lot of charisma by listening to him. Which is why I'm underwhelmed with the hire. Granted it was press conference and as many alluded to in here. Coaches aren't all that comfortable in front of the camera.

    With that said, it was John Robinson who made the call on the coach and not AAS. So I'm going to trust his instincts and his call and go with the flow and assume he is a guy capable of taking this team where it wants to go. If he's not we will be discussing this again in just a few short years.

    I agree with those that say wait until you can see who the offensive coordinator is going to be. This team goes as far Marcus Mariota takes it. If Marcus and the offense remains in shackles. So does this teams ultimate outcome. It's imperative that they get the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach right in this. Marcus's development is CRUCIAL. Which is why I wanted McDaniels. To me he is the most important pillar. But If they can get Marcus going and I mean going...

    The sky is the limit for Vrabel and the Titans
  4. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    I like that we hired a guy who was familiar with this offense as it was in 2016 and 2017. He had to break down two years' worth of film to game plan for divisional matchups each year. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of this team offensively.

    I hadn’t thought of that. He should be quite familiar with our personnel and what they can do.
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  5. SouthSide1

    SouthSide1 615 STRONG

    Now it begins. OC focuses on offense and runs it to our advantage and strengths. Trust J Rob 100%
  6. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    Lol. If you don't want people calling you out for blatantly incorrect stats, edit your post.
  7. altitan

    altitan Pro Bowler

    Gary Patterson said of the University of Tennessee during the coaching hire...
    "It seems so schools are more interestes in winning a press conference than they are winning football games."

    Their were no homerun hires that guarantee wins. Its a bit premature to judge a hire before a staff is assembled and they coach their first game.
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  8. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    Facts like he has a .488 winning percentage as Titans Head Coach. Or the one where he has a below .500 winning percentage for every team he coached?
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  9. SalmonSlayer

    SalmonSlayer Pro Bowler

    Well this is better than the Mularkey fake HC search. At least they actually did a search and brought in a couple candidates to interview. Is this the sexy hire, no, that was McDaniels. But you know what, I am on board and want to see who is brought in as the OC and QB coach. We all laughed and flipped chit when we saw who Malarkey brought in on the staff and ultimately that is what killed him.
  10. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    6 starters in 2 years of drafting. Any GM in the NFL would take that.

    But hey, the sky is falling!
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