Titans Hire Brian Callahan For HC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. Carp

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    I like the hire because he is young, he's offensive minded, and I take his hiring as a signal we are finally putting in place an offense designed for this century.

    Maybe it's foolish of me to assume that. But if a fan doesn't have hope then what does he have?
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  2. Ontario Titan

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    The trick is to know when to stop
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  3. Bucky0782

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    I have no shame at all at being adamantly opposed to the Will Levis pick in last year's draft, especially trading up for him. I will happily admit that he impressed me far more than I was expecting, but I still believe - and I think last season bears this out - that we had higher priority issues that needed to be fixed before drafting a QB. I steadfastly believe that under the current salary situation, the QB should be the final piece of the puzzle, NOT the first piece. I want my OL, WRs, and defense to all be in place before drafting a QB, and in particular, before eating into that QB's rookie salary cap numbers. At this point, our serious playoff aspirations should be materializing - assuming the quality of our hires of course, around year 3 of our rookie QB's 4 year contract (4 b/c he was drafted in the 2nd round if you recall). This gives us at most a two year window and more realistically a ONE year window before having to handicap ourselves with a large QB contract.

    I have no qualms at all of my reservations being carved into the stone that is the internet for all the world to see. But I very much hope I'm wrong on all of this.
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  4. HurrayTitans!

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    I think Levis has a ways to go to prove he’s for sure the guy long term.

    I will point out, KC paid Mahomes a couple years ago and are still representing the AFC. You can pay the QB big money and still be a top team, I just think it’s a little harder the more cap strapped the team gets.
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  5. GoT

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  6. DoubleBlue

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    I miss the old arrow, straight from the go arrow
  7. Tuckfro42

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    Anyone know Brian Callahan’s middle name? I’m going to assume it’s “Mike”. That way I can call him BMC and refer to the GM/HC relationship as “Ran BMC.”
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  8. 10ECTyrant

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    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11.16.59 PM.jpeg
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  9. Hormesis

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  10. GoT

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    but they a
    clearly his name has to be Mike
    cant be Titans HC and not be Mike
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