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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by GLinks, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I agree with you, for the earlier rounds at least. But, we traded up to get Cook, Mouton was a third rounder, and McRath was hyped up a lot by the coaches after they drafted him. All those players seem like guys they should've brought in, to examine more closely. I don't know, I personally wouldn't have wasted a visit on Josh Freeman.
  2. Johnnyb

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    Well we can't bring in everyone, we're only allowed 30 and we might have eliminated a few by their visits. I mean the coaching staff is a lot more concerned with the top two rounds because those are guys who are gonna be starters their first year hopefully and are the guys you have to pay more money to.

    Now granted with Cook, if we're gonna give up this years second for him I kinda wish they had brought him in, but I'm sure they talked to him at the combine and probably had a scout or two at his pro day so it's not like they knew nothing about him. These guys are in the business for a reason and we're talkin about it on a forum for a reason... although sometimes I still wonder if i could do a better job :lol:
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    Well I know there are some who think that the list is a waste of time; but if you look inside the visits a little bit more closely, there is valuable information to be gleaned.
    Looking at last years list; we brought in a lot of WR's (7) so we could assume that we were drafting a WR and low and behold we grabbed Britt. Tally the amount of invitees by position and you'll get a better feel for which way we're leaning. JMHO but it looks like the pundits are wrong, because the visits don't indicate us grabbing a DE at 16.
    Based on loose calculations; it really looks like we're going CB,S, LB, and QB this year. I'm thinking Kyle Wilson at 16, McCluster at 3a, TCU LB at 3b, QB in 4, Safety in 5, project, project, project the rest of the way out.
    And to the poster who said Freeman's visit was a waste; I disagree. I'm a huge VY fan but last year this time, VY in a Titans uniform wasn't a given.
  4. luvyablue23

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    JUST UPDATING THREAD W/ SOURCE of planned meetings, etc. Make of it what you wish.
    Dan Williams, DT, University of Tennessee
    Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.
    Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida
    Taylor Mays, S, USC
    Harry Coleman, S, LSU



    Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky
    Ted Larsen, C, NC State
    Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
    Dexter McCluster, Ath, Ole Miss
    Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU


    Dennis Rogan, DB, Tennessee

    Anthony Levine, S, Tennessee State
    (they just attended pro day but I figure might as well put him on the list since we need S help.)

    Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas
    Hall Davis, DE, Louisiana-Lafayette

    Levi Brown, QB , TSU
    Rusty Smith, QB, FAU

    Daryl Washington, LB , TCU

    Dekoda Watston, LB, FSU


    Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

    Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF

    Rennie Curran, LB, Georgia

    Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State

    Curtis Steele, RB, Memphis State
    (doesn't count in our 30 alloted since local)

    Ryan Hamiton, S, Vandy (not in our 30 since local)

    Myron Lewis, DB, Vandy "

    Thomas Welch, OL, Vandy "

    Greg Billinger, DT, Vandy "


    Montario Hardesty, RB, UT (local)


    Joe Haden, CB, FL


    Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas


    Earl Thomas, S, Texas

    Erik Cook, C, New Mexico


    Next post; Ill break down by position
  5. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    Including freebies; (Vandy, UT, etc); positional breakdown is as follows

    CB = 7
    S = 5
    LB= 4
    RB =3
    QB = 3
    DT= 2
    DE = 2
    OL = 3
    WR =2

    Realistically speaking; this is how I envision the top tier of our draft board:

    Berry, McClain, Wilson, Thomas, Haden, Mays in that order. Whomever is left when we're on the clock is who we're gonna draft in the 1st. That's my take and I'll stand by it but I have the option to rearrange order; and dangit I really want Spiller.

    Really surprised we don't have any TE's on the list yet. Kyle Wilson here we come! Looks like we're dumping Hope soon.
  6. Johnnyb

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    I'd be fine with takin a corner first round. The safety I really want though is Larry Asante, i think he's gonna be an awesome pro, kinda like Hope in his younger days really.
  7. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    I don;t know enough about him; but I'd go with Rolle on the cheap. Give me a smart guy anyday. Im pretty sure Rolle is smarter than Manning.
  8. Marko

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    If Spiller is there you can see us probably trading back because someone will trade up for him so the Titans may aswell take advantage of that :lol:
  9. ScotTitan

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    I hope we do this. Late 1st and a second for the our 16th and a late pick.

    Who do you think might trade up for spiller the Chargers?Patriots?

    1st: Wilson CB Boise State
    2nd: Hughes TCU DE
    3rd:Spikes LB Florida
    3rd:Shipley WR/PR Texas: Ford WR Clemson

    Some guys might be gone but at least we cover the four positions of need being LB,DE,PR and CB.
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    I don't know I don't follow college football but if theres someone the Titans like who would b available in the late 1st round We could get a 2nd or at least another 3rd rounder for the swap of number ones. Not entirely convinced on giving away any of our picks though.
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