Titans had close call at end of first half

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    From columnist David Climer …

    The Titans were guilty of some questionable time management at the end of the first half against the Jets. There were 14 seconds on the clock when officials reviewed the previous play, where Damian Williams grabbed a pass just above the turf for a 7-yard gain.

    Officials initially indicated Titans coach Mike Munchak had used his final timeout, but the coach protested. Referee Walt Anderson then said the clock would start on his signal. Several seconds ticked off before the ball was snapped.

    It worked out well for the Titans when Jake Locker threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to Justin Hunter with two seconds remaining.

    Munchak said he would have used the timeout if Locker had been sacked, and then the Titans would have attempted a field goal.

    “It was closer than it had to be,” the coach acknowledged.

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