Titans fortunate to be within TD at half

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- That's the second week in a row the Titans have been thoroughly outplayed in the first half. Can they come out of halftime and seize control of this game against the Jets the way they did last week in Jacksonville?

    [​IMG][​IMG] Tennessee certainly settled down after being dominated early. The Titans minimized the damage and made it to halftime down only 10-3. It could have been a lot worse considering it's 196-88 in total net yards.

    The Jets did well early with a lot of screens and short stuff they turned into good gains. The Titans seemed to recover, in part by crowding more defenders closer to the line of scrimmage and managed to maintain contact with a couple takeaways.

    Other thoughts at intermission:

    • New York is being physical with Titans pass catchers, which has played a role in a bunch of drops. The Titans can't win this game with a similar effort by their targets in the second half. This is the right time, Titans.
    • Put running back Chris Johnson -- guilty of a drop himself -- out wide a bunch and let him show the Jets you do have a guy who can get separation.
    • I'm curious to see if the Titans defense reacts better to Brett Favre's fake pitches, throws and handoffs in the third quarter. He bought some time with them on multiple plays so far.
    • Inside the 2-minute mark, the replay official missed an easy call. Bo Scaife was tagged down on a third-down reception. He had enough for a first down, but was allowed to get up and get another three or four.
    • The Titans need Albert Haynesworth, hurt right at the end of the half when it appeared teammates Jevon Kearse shouldered him in the helmet as they both sprawled to get to Favre, to be OK.

Thread Status:
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