Titans force two turnovers, score off both

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    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. The Titans entered Sunday’s game with a minus-six turnover ratio, the seventh-worst figure in the league. But the Titans forced two turnovers against the Bills and never turned the ball over.

    Even more importantly, the Titans produced touchdowns after each of the Buffalo turnovers.

    The first turnover came on the second snap of the third quarter, when Kamerion Wimbley sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick and knocked the ball loose. Derrick Morgan recovered the fumble at the Buffalo 32, and Jamie Harper scored the Titans’ fourth touchdown eight plays later.

    The second turnover came in the fourth quarter, with the Bills ahead 34-28. Jason McCourty intercepted Fitzpatrick on third down at the Tennessee 48, and the Titans drove 52 yards for the winning touchdown.

    “We talk all the time as a defense about that — trying to create scores — and I think we did that today,” Wimbley said. “That was big for us.”

    Said McCourty: “We gave the offense more chances with the ball and they were putting up points just about every time. They saved our butts today. We have to take our hats off to those guys.”

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Thread Status:
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