Titans express interest in Elvis Dumervil

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. ImATitan

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    Well the Lions and Steelers names have popped up recently. I doubt we get him.
  2. memphis_raven

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    The Ravens have over $13M in cap space right now, I think that's way more than Titans right?

    People see the likes of Kruger and Ellerbe leaving and over react but I'm excited as hell. That defense wasn't very good last year and they got rid of some big $ guys (Ray included at his age, not worth it). We have 12 draft picks and a chance to really reload.

    Re: Elvis, I kinda doubt he goes to Baltimore. They're not going to over pay that's for sure. Doubt if the Pats will either. He'd be a better fit in TN in the 4-3

    LANGSTER Starter

    Titans with the 12 million carry over in way better shape than any of these teams. Lions and steelers up against it and the ravens have major issues coming soon with qb and rice deals
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  4. CockyTitan

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    We have to offer a boatload of money and even then it comes down to whether he wants to sign with the Titans or not. Unless we are far and away his highest offer he isnt coming here.
  5. ImATitan

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    How does the 12 carryover work? We haven't said a word about it and don't plan on using it. Webster said we have 4-5 million in cap space right now
  6. GLinks

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    Well, to piggyback off that, I've wondered if we have the reserve. If we do, yes, we can afford to do this easily.

    Basically teams have to spend at least 89% of the salary cap for that year in real cash. They can sandbag within that number by year, but by the end of a defined 4 year span, they have to have spent the total of the cap over that 4 year span. I think. Nevertheless...

    Essentially a team can sandbag by 11% and add that to their limit the following year. For us, it all depends how much we spent relative to last year's cap and add that difference to this year's cap. I don't know if all this reporting includes that data or not.
  7. Gut

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    Even without that reserve it is very doable. They offered Welker 7.5mil/year and now we're talking 8 or so. Amano nets us 2-3, Hasselbeck nets us 2, and wash gets us about 3 or so. As you can see, we can make this work rather simply and still have money for the rookies. There are other players like Hawkins but this shows a simple solution. Only Wash is a starter so pretty good for a double digit sack artist in his prime.

  8. cdubbs2121

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    He's been inaccurate SINCE COLLEGE. Don't give me that injury bs.
  9. GTFO my pancakz

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    I could tell a huge difference when he came back from the injury. In his first game back it seemed as if he couldn't throw a ball fifty yards. It did affect him whether you will admit it or not. Part of having strength in your throws comes from your shoulders, legs, and hips. I think he will have you eating crow and I'm open to some sort of wager if you would like. The guy can play ball.
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  10. cdubbs2121

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    Could you? Because he really lit it up in the first two games of last season. Go back and check those two out. I'm not on here to make excuses for locker. He's got one more year to prove he's the guy you think he is.
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