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    SUMMARY: Currently, the Titans’ defense is ranked fifth overall in the NFL and No. 8 against both the run and the pass in yards per game but are first in points allowedThrough four games, Tennessee by surrendering just 46 points, an average of just 11.5 points per game. Despite the solid start, the defense knows it can be better. "We’ve been consistent at certain points in the game, so I would say at those times, we’ve played well, but at the same time, it’s a 60-minute game and there have been mental lapses," LB David Thornton said. "We are far from 60 minutes of perfect football." The attitude on the defense is they want to improve. "The good thing about this defense is that we have a good attitude," said Kyle Vanden Bosch. "We come in every week wanting to improve and knowing that there are still some things we can get better at."

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    The over and under for Ratbird RBs this Sunday is 60 yards. If Harper can handle Mason, I think the Titans D generates two turnovers and a TD.
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