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    SUMMARY: The gameplan was to pressure Dolphins QB Dante Culpepper and the Titans defense was able to get to him five times yesterday. But at times, Culpepper had plenty of time to stand in the pocket without pressure. "We just wanted to get some pressure, mix it up and try some different things, different blitzes, different pressures," Vanden Bosch said. "We were able to get some pressure but there were also times when he was able to sit back in the pocket and find the open receiver." In one of the many opportunities the Titans were unable to take advantage of, LB Keith Bulluck sacked Culpepper who fumbled the football. No Titan could get the loose ball and the Dolphins kicked the game-winning field goal. "We just have to make the big plays out there, we've got to score," DT Albert Haynesworth said. "That's what we're going to have to do to help our offense out, put some points on the board, take some pressure off of them."

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    The D gave up 13 points and thats about all you can ask from a defense. Yes we all wish they had stopped the last drive but they kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win at the end. Thompson continues to play poorly with a costly wiff on a tackle he should have made, Bown's long run up the middle was probably the difference in the game but it looked like a blown assignment or misalignment. Anytime the D holds a team to 13 points we should win every time.
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    No to mention that on the TD draw he hurdles Culpepper rather than pop him as he's going for the endzone.
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