Titans D Let Up in Fourth Quarter

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    SUMMARY: The Titans defense allowed only five first downs, 80 net yards and zero points through three quarters yesterday to the Texans. This was followed with backup QB Sage Rosenfels scoring four TDs and passing for 249 yards in the fourth quarter as the Texans took the lead with just over a minute left in the game. DT Albert Haynesworth feels that the defenses sensed they had the game in the bag by the end of the third quarter. "We played a great three quarters," he said. "I think we got way too relaxed and we couldn't turn it back on. … Everything we did we gave (Rosenfels) too much confidence. We should have kept doing what we were doing earlier, just kept getting after him and knocking him down and we would have been all right."

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    Like "WTF" did we forget that we were still playing in the 3rd quarter, we almost loose this one and nobody to blame but the D line!!!! They slacked big time, do we have a QB controversy or what? Kerry looked great in that last seconds of the game. WOW what a freaking pass to Roydell Williams in the numbers.
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