Titans could use more “3-4″ this year

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Apr 3, 2013.


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    Yea seems like just about every year we hear these same things.
  2. J Falk

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    I swear one of our coaches is a secret member on this board....they've addressed nearly everything we've talked about this offseason.
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  3. oilerstruck

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    Some of our defensive personnel seemed better suited for the 3-4. Who do you see playing where in the 3-4?
  4. Chronos

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    I don't care if its 3-4 as long as the result is 3-out.
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  5. xpmar9x

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    You're welcome, bud.

    SLH @ NT
    Morgan, Klug, Casey, Martin, & Pitouta @ DE
    Ayers & Wimbley @ OLB
    McCarthy, Brown, & Fouku @ ILB
  6. oilerstruck

    oilerstruck Hall of Fame

    And 3 & out is the worst we do on defense. It is time to dominate again and stop getting pushed around.
  7. RollTide

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    You consider Green bay to have a top defense?
  8. RollTide

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    I think the whole idea is stupid. You don't dabble on defense you install a system that you believe in and sell it to players and draft the right players for that system.

    You run a base defense and you run a base nickel and dime. We can run a 3-3-5 nickel with a base 4-3 but few teams do that. Most 3-4 teams use the 4-2-5 nickel.

    This to me suggests that Grey is not on top things. Yes it is nice to have versatility and to occasionally show an offense something different but you have to have a defense to beleive in and now entering his third season Grey still seems unsure.
  9. RollTide

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    We have typically used 3 safeties in our dime packages.

    Why not rotate guys to some degree if we have the depth to do that? We rotate defensive linemen. The giants have rotated safeties over the years and it seemed to work.
  10. Soxcat

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    Actually we haven't run 3 Ss in dime packages. Part of that is we have not had the personnel. I think Pollard allows us to use him in a dime almost like a smaller Will so we get an extra DB on the field but we don't sacrifice the ability to stop the run completely. We might see Brown and Pollard playing like NLBs were we get a dime look but the ability to play the run more like we are still in nickel.

    First of all the 4-3 that Gray was trying to install from day one was almost a hybrid 3-4 where you use the RDE and SOLB in some ways similar to a 3-4 and you have a DT that is more of a NT. But we simply have not had the right personnel to properly run that package. We have been undersized and under manned. So if/when we go to a 3-4 look now we will just have Casey, Hill and Pitouta on the DL and Wimbley will stay in the same spot but stand up. It isn't some great stretch from what we have been running. Might also be a way to give Brown a breather and bring in Fouku.

    Keep in mind we have not had the size along the fron to do this nor have we had the depth at LB either. We have that now. It won't be a base defense but it is feasible for a few plays a game.

    And the last couple of years all we really have had is speculation on going to a 3-4 but now we have Gray actually saying he wants to run 8-10 3-4 alignments a game.

    We will have to wait and see how this works out.
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